Nosocomial infections in hospitals are still hidden. The reports made are not real, even the Minister of Health says so. However, it does not come up with solutions to solve this problem. Managers are still penalized if they declare too much. On the other hand, doctors say that nosocomial infections should be decriminalized and should only be brought to court if it is a case of malpractice.

In Romania, insignificant progress has been made in relation to the actual reporting of infections. There is an increase from 0.2% to 2%, but this is not the reality either. The European average is 8 percentages. Târgu Jiu County Hospital reported only 76 infections in 2020.

Vlăduț Dumitru, epidemiologist Târgu-Jiu Hospital: In 2020 there were 76 infections, in 2021, 155, and this year already 253. In the past years there was a trend in not declaring infections, somewhat hiding them by hospitals.

Carla Tănasie, Digi24 journalist: In Romania, the nosocomial infection rate is just over two percent, according to hospital reports. This means that our country has very clean hospitals. But the reality is different, in fact nosocomial infections are 3 times more, according to the data of the Ministry of Health, namely 5.9 percent.

Alexandru Rafila, Minister of Health: There is a 3-fold difference between real reporting and correction, it means changes in mentality, but let’s have levers, let’s have laboratories to detect infections.

At the public level, several Ministers of Health have spoken about this problem, but not knowing the real number of infections in hospitals. Under these conditions, the measures cannot be set correctly either.

Cătălin Apostolescu, manager Matei Balș: I see the decriminalization of nosocomial infection as a first step in this direction. It is only a crime when it is associated with malpractice, otherwise it is a common feature of any hospital in this world. Nosocomial infection should be criminalized only when there are no specific procedures for preventing infections in the respective hospital, or they have not been followed.

The Minister of Health wants to impose a minimum infection reporting limit of 3%.

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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