The Black Church is one of the most beautiful monuments in Brașov. For the first time, the church was built in 1383 by the Saxon burghers. Dozens of workers worked for almost 100 years to erect the magnificent building.

In 1477, the Brasov parish received the patron saint of Saint Mary and, currently, the Black Church belongs to the Evaghelic cult. Over time, the building survived several earthquakes and a fire.

On April 21, 1689, a strong fire almost completely destroyed it. The fire engulfed the parish church, destroyed its roof and the furniture inside. The renovation work lasted 30 years and craftsmen from the city of Danzig, today’s Gdansk, worked hard to make a new inauguration of the beautiful monument possible.

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Because its walls were blackened by smoke, its name remained the Black Church. Now, it is one of the main attractions in Brașov, but few people know that there is a statue of a little boy on its roof. This is an unusual thing for a church, and the explanations are multiple.

Why is there a statue of a little boy on the roof of the Black Church in Brașov

On one side of the roof of the Black Church in Brașov there is a statue of a little boy who is bent over. No one has yet been able to determine what, in fact, is the reason why it is on the church.

There are, however, several legends that hope to explain this situation. One of them says that the statue depicts a disciple who was killed out of envy. It is said that he was very talented and that the chief craftsman feared that he would take his place. He made the decision to push the disciple out of the church and he died.

Later, he found out that the boy admired him and spoke highly of him. Because he was tormented by remorse, he decided to admit the deed and erected this statue.

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Another legend says that it was not a murder, but an accident. It is believed that the son of one of the workers came to visit his father, who was working on the roof of the church.

The boy climbed up and walked to the edge of the roof to see how far it was down. Because he leaned too far, he fell. Grieving the loss of his son, the worker commissioned a statue of a bent over child that still stands on the monument.

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