Chinese electric car maker NIO will start battery production in its first factory outside China in September. The production facility aims to expand this brand into the European market.

The “NIO Power Plant” is located near Budapest and represents an investment of approximately 4.2 million euros. The construction was started about a year ago. In addition to batteries, battery replacement stations, known as “swapping stations” will also be produced here.

The plant covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and also includes after-sale service units for swapping stations. In addition, after-sales services will operate here, as well as a training, research and development center.

NIO will build more than 4,000 swapping stations worldwide


NIO is one of the largest manufacturers of electric cars in China. Its models are able to compete with those of the American manufacturers Tesla and Lucid, especially in terms of autonomy and new technologies.

The expansion of Asians into Europe is atypical. Last fall, NIO first entered Novergia, a non-EU country, but very friendly to the environment. The Chinese plan to develop a large network of battery replacement stations across Europe. Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark are targeted, and the first stations will be operational by the end of this year.

In addition, NIO has partnered with Shell for global expansion. The agreement provides for the installation of battery replacement stations in the network of gas stations of the oil giant. The company plans to set up more than 4,000 battery exchange stations worldwide. A quarter of these will be built outside of China.

The Shanghai-based manufacturer launched the ES8 SUV in Europe, which caused a huge stir in the industry. The German manufacturer Audi has filed a complaint in court requesting to change the name of this model, which is similar to that of the S8 sedan produced by the Ingolstadt company.

According to NIO, the battery replacement process for a NIO car takes five 5 minutes. Basically, the experience of changing the battery will be comparable to that of refueling with conventional fuels. The network of charging and battery replacement stations in China currently numbers 1,000 units. More than 10 million battery replacements have been performed so far.

Source: Automotive News

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