Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă declared on Tuesday evening, after the Liberal leadership meeting, that a higher compensation of energy and gas prices compared to the one that is applied now is not possible, considering the budget allocated for this field.

He was asked by journalists if the PNL is considering a regulated price for energy and gas and what could be a solution to intervene on the electricity and gas market in such a way that the price paid by the final consumer decreases.

“Until this moment, at the level of ANRE and at the level of the ministries that settle the compensation of energy and gas prices, all invoices for the November-March period have been received. We still do not have a completed month, for example April, which should have be the first month in which we have analyzed the value of the compensations on the new scheme and when we have this month completed, we will do the analysis and come with a decision also regarding this adjustment of the energy price compensation. (…) In at the moment we are going to apply the emergency ordinance for the period April 2022-March 2023 and when we have the concrete data on a compensatory amount for an entire month, we will make a decision,” said Nicolae Ciucă, at ​​the PNL headquarters, according to Agerpres.

Asked if the Government could come up with a new reduction in the price of energy and gas, that is, a higher level of compensation, the Prime Minister emphasized that this is not possible considering the budget allocations.

“A reduction in the price more than it is now is not possible because we have to be honest and tell the people the truth. The budget is the one we made public and this is the money from which we can make, realize the price compensations to energy and gas”, explained Ciucă.

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The Head of the Executive was asked by the press and who in Romania will have to apply the decision made at the level of the European Union regarding the voluntary 15% reduction in gas consumption, he replied that this decision must be seen as a voluntary one and that the population of our country will not be affected in terms of gas provision.

“Please let’s look at this voluntary decision, by the way, as you rightly said. In the set of measures taken at the level of the Ministry of Energy and by the gas producing companies, we currently have over 1.8 billion meters stored cubic meters, which takes us far beyond the threshold we assumed on August 1, which was 46%, on September 1 – 57%. We also exceeded the threshold we had to meet for September 1, which is why at this moment we continue to secure our gas needs stored in our own warehouses and I assure that the population will not be affected in terms of gas security. the moment when it will become mandatory, I cannot comment on what we have to do. The fact is that when we will have enough gas and when we discuss this attitude of all the member countries of the European Union, to count in solidarity with the context in which we find ourselves, we will adopt the same attitude in the future”, declared Ciucă.

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă also added that if the measure regarding the reduction of gas consumption by 15% becomes mandatory, it will be applied in a balanced way, so that the activity of neither large consumers nor in institutions is interrupted and mainly ensure the population’s gas needs.

Source: Agerpres

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Publication date: 02-08-2022 23:00

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