Taxi drivers are unhappy that the authorities oppose the increase in fares. Drivers are unhappy with the current fares which, they say, do not even cover their expenses.

“They don’t want to increase the tariff. Everything became more expensive, doubled, tripled. They don’t want, actually, the local councilors don’t want to approve. The price has remained the same for 3 years. It was a spontaneous protest,” said a taxi driver.

“We can no longer meet all the expenses. I go to Belvedere and come back, spend a liter of gas and the customer gives me 7 lei. What is the matrix? We have no way to support this business,” said another taxi driver.

At this moment, in Braşov, the taxi fare is 2.19 lei per kilometer, and at night the maximum price is 2.90 lei per kilometer.

A project to increase taxi fares has been proposed to the City Council for approval several times, but it has been postponed each time.

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