According to the Infotraffic Center of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, on DN 1, at Comarnic, there is a column moving towards the Capital.

Also, at Sinaia the traffic is intense, but there are no queues, and at Buşteni there is intense traffic on the Braşov-Ploiesti direction.

On DN 1 Ploieşti West Ring Road there is a moving column in the direction of Braşov towards Bucharest (approximately 300 m).

For DN 1 Bucharest – Ploieşti – Braşov, the following roads can be used as alternative routes:

* DN 1A Brasov – Cheia – Ploiesti – A3 – Bucharest;

* DN 73 Râşnov – Câmpulung – Pitesti – A1 – Bucharest;

* DN 73 Râşnov – Câmpulung – DN 72A – Târgovişte;

* DN 71 Sinaia – Târgovişte – Bucharest.

The police are acting in the road safety device to streamline the traffic within the range of all the mountain resorts on Valea Prahova.

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