“We have conveyed our proposed ideas, both in substance and form, to pave the way for a quick settlement of the negotiations in Vienna,” said Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s chief negotiator, without giving details of the proposal. Tehran.

“Iran is ready to quickly complete the negotiations, if the other side is ready to do the same,” the Iranian official said.

Josep Borrell Fontelles, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced a few days ago, in an editorial published in the Financial Times, that he proposes a plan to relaunch the nuclear agreement with Iran, including by reintegrating the United States in the treaty, warning that otherwise there is a risk of a “dangerous nuclear crisis”.

“I have now proposed a text that addresses, in detail, the process of canceling the sanctions and the necessary steps at the level of actions in the nuclear field for the relaunch of the Agreement. This text represents the best possible agreement that I, in the role of facilitating the negotiations, I see it as feasible. It is not a perfect agreement, but it addresses all the essential elements and includes hard-won compromises by all parties. Decisions must be made now to make this unique opportunity successful and to bring the major potential of an applied agreement to totality. I do not see any concrete alternative possible. (…) The proposed agreement reflects the determination of all participants in the Treaty to ensure sustainability, including through the commitments of President Joe Biden and the United States”, said Josep Borrell Fontelles.

“If this agreement is rejected, we risk a dangerous nuclear crisis and the prospect of increasing the isolation of Iran and the Iranian people. It is our shared responsibility to accept this agreement,” the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy pointed out.

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