Former PSD president, Liviu Dragnea made a first political visit to Oradea, this time in his capacity as a representative of Alliance Pentru Patrie. He gave his first speech since his release from prison 13 months ago, stressing that if he returns to power he will campaign for the “nationalisation of strategic companies” and “a ban on the importation of poisoned food”.

Ioan Mang from Bihor, once a “friend”, Dragnea called him a “puppy” complicit with those who destroyed the PSD of his time, the sovereignist, anti-globalist and anti-neo-Marxist, reports

Accompanied by the former Minister of Education, Liviu Marian Pop (remained with the nickname “Kenunche”), his most trusted friend, Codrin Ștefănescu, and the president of PNȚCD, Aurelian Pavelescu (he also remained in the collective memory with the description made by Băsescu, ” that little one with the big head”), Liviu Dragnea was welcomed, on Friday at noon, at the headquarters of APP Bihor, his new party, by the president of the county branch, Lilla Debelka, by several bodyguards from a prominent local company, but also by dozens of supporters, most of them dressed in white, like at the time of the big rally against the “Parallel State” in June 2018, who offered him bread and salt.

In the street, a former music teacher, Ioan Fluieraș, “honored” Dragnea with a popular song from Bihor, performed on the accordion, and then he also performed the national anthem, “Wake up, Romanians!”, accompanied by a good part of the sympathizers.

Dragnea started with an obvious speech against the West, complaining, at the same time, that “televisions are no longer interested in promoting it. “I have a lot to say and I will say it in the coming months, in all kinds of ways, because it seems that national television is no longer interested,” he said, pointing out that it has been 13 months since his release from prison and although returned to politics, they no longer host him as in the old days:


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  • The government “first and foremost should have as its objective the well-being of Romanians, beyond everything else”, well-being which, however, foreigners would oppose, believes the former PSD leader: “Big foreign companies come and make money here and then they drive out, keeping wages down and prices up. We have unimaginable resources, which no other country in Europe has, some of which are covered by so-called state secrets,” said the APP leader.
  • “If we talk about agriculture, there is nowhere in the world a land richer than in Romania, which gives so much flavor and taste to vegetables and fruits. But we in the shops buy fruits and vegetables without any taste, with poisons that they (no – the foreigners) they call them Es,” Dragnea said, recalling that she had seen on TV how someone had developed a phone application for detecting Es in food products. “But why should we make such an application instead of making it so that in Romania nothing is sold with E’s anymore? Isn’t it better that the cereals produced in Romania are processed in Romania?”.
  • The former head of the PSD also clearly announced his intention to nationalize strategic companies after returning to power: “We can no longer accept the idea that we can develop with the fundamental resources, water, fuel, gas, in the hands of foreigners. Romanians are poisoned with all kinds of information, so that they don’t have time to see the whole forest, they are only shown the tree. But Romania is not an island of Iohannis, Ciucă, Helvig (no – Eduard Hellvig, SRI director)Pahonțu (no – Lucian Pahonțu, head of SPP) and other naked ones sold”.
  • The country is pushed into war with the Russians because of membership in the North Atlantic alliance: “There are now a handful of traitors, servants, who want to drag Romania into war with Russia, but why are we getting involved here (no – in support of the Ukrainians )? Support what? So that more and more foreign troops can come here and hand over the leadership of Romania’s national defense to the French? What does it help us with? Why hostilities on the territory of Romania? Why don’t we have the same rights for the Romanians in Ukraine that the Hungarians in Ukraine have?”.
  • “We’re going to end up as tenants in our own country, because you saw that they keep saying that we all have to be globalists, we have to understand that men can get pregnant, that bugs, insects, are good to eat. For all this and much more, it is worth taking a risk”, said the politician, adding that he is 100% convinced not only that Romania is “the garden of the Mother of God”, but also that the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ themselves were in these lands : “In my opinion, Romania represents a chosen people, in my opinion Romania is the Garden of the Mother of God; the theory that the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ came here from Bethlehem, I believe in that theory. I do not believe that this country and this people were put here by God by chance. I’m not a fanatic, I’m not ultra-religious, but I have some beliefs.”

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