The consultants of IRI Travel, the main tour operator specialized both on the Bulgarian and Romanian coasts, note the fact that many tourists have waited until now and make their reservations shortly before the start of the holidays, and this can be seen from the large number of orders received . Currently, travel agencies are recovering lower sales from the early booking period, a situation also marked by the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.

And for the month of August there are many special offers and last minute offers. Tourists often book today and enter their accommodation today, both for Bulgaria, as well as for Romania, Greece and Turkey.

“Until now, we have noticed a postponement of the decision to purchase vacations from tourists, and the reasons were obvious – financial insecurity and galloping inflation. In the last week, we registered a large influx of last minute reservations both for the Romanian coast and for Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Tourists have decided that it is worth forgetting about stress and spending their holidays in their favorite destinations. We estimate a very high level of occupancy for the month of August, which is, by the way, the month of holidays, but also for the end of the season in September. I notice an increase in demand for all-inclusive hotels on the Romanian coast”, emphasizes Lucian Bădîrcea, CEO of IRI Travel.

If on the Bulgarian coast, most of the 3- and 4-star hotels offer an all-inclusive regime, in total there are around 300 accommodation units with this type of service, on the Romanian coast, this season there are 36 hotels with such services, of which 11 are in Mamaia – Mamaia Nord, 2 in Eforie Nord, 4 in Neptun-Olimp, 8 in Jupiter, 8 in Venus, 2 in Saturn and 1 in Mangalia. Most of the all-inclusive hotels on the Romanian coast are 3 and 4 stars, but there are also two 5-star hotels, in Mamaia and Saturn.

What do all inclusive services on the Romanian coast mean?

The 36 all-inclusive hotels on the Romanian coast offer all-inclusive standard (the vast majority), all-inclusive light and ultra all-inclusive services.

> Hotels with standard all inclusive services offer breakfast, lunch and dinner Swedish buffet style, snacks, coffee, water (paid and mineral) between lunch and dinner. As drinks, water (still and mineral), soft drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated), coffee and tea are included both at the restaurant and at the pool or at the beach bar. Also included are domestic alcoholic beverages such as draft house wine (white wine and red wine), draft beer, aperitifs, digestifs and sometimes domestic spirits, especially at 4-star hotels (vodka, brandy, rum, vermouth and liqueur). Imported drinks and bar dishes are generally served for a fee. Usually the drinks included in the package are not bottled and are offered by draft/glass. Access is free to the pool, with sunbeds and umbrellas, subject to availability. After a certain time, generally 21.00 or 22.00, all drinks are charged. Certain hotels also have clubs and workshops for children, respectively entertainment services, variety shows, etc.

> Hotels with all inclusive light services generally have a more limited range of drinks included in the package (no spirits or they can only be consumed during meals) and offer fewer facilities such as shows, children’s clubs, etc. Drinks at the beach bar and pool bar and between meals are often not included.

> Hotels with ultra all inclusive services also offer imported drinks / international brands, both at the restaurant and at the bar / beach bar or at the pool. They also have an even more varied range of culinary preparations and more recreational activities.

How much does all inclusive cost in Romania and Bulgaria?

Taking into account that both the Romanian and Bulgarian coasts are the most accessible coasts for Romanian tourists and all-inclusive hotels are in great demand, IRI Travel specialists made a price comparison, by simulating reservations for 6 nights starting on August 15, for an adult. Average rates were chosen, avoiding extremes.

Thus, at 3 all inclusive stars in Bulgaria, an adult will pay for a stay between 250 and 400 euros (so a double room costs between 500 and 800 euros), and at 4 all inclusive stars, between 310 and 500 euros ( double room, between 620 and 1000 euros). Of course, there are certain hotels where the rates can reach up to 1000 euros per person.

At 3-star all-inclusive hotels on the Romanian coast, an adult will pay between 240 and 390 euros per person for a 6-night stay, and at 4-star all-inclusive hotels, between 300 and 490 euros per person.

Top all inclusive preferences on resorts in Romania and Bulgaria for the 2022 season






The bee

Sunny Beach

Golden Sands

On the Romanian coast, most hotels will close after September 10, especially because the school year starts on September 5.

On the Bulgarian coast, many hotels will be open until October 10 and will promote special off-season offers, as will be the case in Greece and Turkey.

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