Lavinia Albu is 37 years old and a psychologist by profession. For more than 15 years, together with her husband, but also with her two childrenand that he has, he has made a habit of traveling in the country and abroad. About two years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, advised by friends who liked the pictures she posted on her personal Instagram page to create a platform to promote these places, Lavinia decided to create a travel account on who aptly named it Travel Vitamin and which has amassed a community of nearly 4,000 people.

Lavinia is from Bran, she came to Sibiu to study at the Faculty of Psychology, and then settled here. For almost two years, he manages the Travel Vitamin Instagram account, where he shares with his friends all the places he visits, both in the country and abroad.

How he created Travel Vitamin

The young woman was encouraged by her friends to create this page. The pandemic found her with several vacations she had to cancel, at which point she decided she wanted to take advantage and travel the length and breadth of our country.

“During the pandemic, we had a lot of vacations we were supposed to go on, but we had to cancel them. Even so, we couldn’t isolate ourselves, not socialize, and so we took the country in stride. I kept sending my friends pictures from our travels, telling them what places we discovered. They told me that it would be cool to create a travel account where I could promote these places and I followed their advice,” Lavinia says.

The name of the page was not chosen by chance either. Lavinia consulted with her daughter and concluded that Travel Vitamin was the perfect fit. The page has grown to nearly 4,000 followers in almost two years.

“I started making the page and with the help of my daughter we thought of a name that contained the word Travel and stuck with Travel Vitamin. I couldn’t believe it because very quickly we gathered people and created the community. At the beginning, all of a sudden, we gathered 1,500 people, and then the page grew organically.”

He visited all the counties of the country

Lavinia managed to visit all the counties of the country. She likes traditional places, she likes to discover those traditions that her children haven’t caught and she enjoys every single experience. From Romania, her place of soul remains Bran, the city where she was born.

“We go where the road takes us, we take the car and go without a specific target, and then we determine the route. Bran is the place of my soul, I grew up there, and the more time passes, the more I discover it differently. When I was little, nothing seemed spectacular to me, when I went on vacation to Bran, nothing extraordinary seemed to me. Now, when I walk, I rediscover it. I don’t have my grandparents anymore, I find that house and remember various moments, as if I see it with different eyes every time. I also really liked Bucovina. There we had the opportunity to stay in a house that is over 150 years old. A family from Bucharest bought several houses, restored them piece by piece and it’s wonderful what happened there. That part of Bucovina untouched by human foot is superb”.

Special connections with people who follow his Instagram page

For Lavinia, being able to make connections and answer the curiosities of people who follow her is the most satisfying thing possible. She posts regularly on Instagram and says it’s become an instinct, something that relaxes her.

“I post stories daily, basically it relaxes me. I walk, I see a thing or a landscape that catches my attention, I post it. I do them spontaneously, I’m fast, I think that’s also very important. For me it is relaxation. It is such a great satisfaction when someone writes to me privately and tells me that they visited a place because they saw it on my page. Or when I get questions about the places I’ve been, it’s wonderful,” the young woman elaborates.

“We are looking for the cheapest possible flights”

Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Greece and Sweden are the countries he has visited so far. She says that all the holidays organized by her are reasonably priced and that she pays the most attention to the place where she is staying, but also to its positioning.

“We are looking to fly as cheap as possible, we buy the tickets some time in advance. When it comes to accommodation, we usually look for central places, so that it is easy for us to move to the points of interest. We usually take apartments or if we find accommodation with breakfast included it’s perfect. We try their local dishes and see if there are people on the terrace, if it is a bit crowded or we are interested in friends who have visited that place”.

The most recent holiday was organized in Prague. “I found Prague extremely beautiful. For five years, I wanted to see her and now I went. It is truly captivating, it is clean, there are a lot of tourists, and everyone respects each other, there is no specific rush”.

He wants to visit Dubai

Due to the pandemic, the holiday that Lavinia was supposed to have in Dubai was postponed. However, he still wants to get here. “This year we are waiting for tickets to Dubai. We want to get there,” explains Lavinia.

Anyone who wants to follow the places they promote can visit the Travel Vitamin Instagram page. “I’m grateful for the community I’ve created. Thanks to everyone who joined. Travel is vitamin”, she concludes.

Photo source: travel_vitamin/Instagram

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