The Apuseni Mountains in Romania are on the CNN Travel list of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Europe.

Part of the Western Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Apusenii, is the perfect place for an ideal summer vacation, with cooler temperatures and unpopulated trails through ancient forests and limestone cliffs, writes CNN Travel.

Also, CNN journalists also highlighted the wild animals that can be seen from a distance in this area of ​​travelers, such as brown bears or wolves, but also about the via ferrata routes that climbers can try. About the Apuseni Mountains, CNN wrote right at the beginning of the article, among the first dream destinations in Europe.

17 most spectacular destinations in Europe, presented by CNN:

  1. Picos de Europa, Spain;
  2. Lofoten Islands, Norway;
  3. Apuseni Mountains, Romania;
  4. Ephesus, Turkey;
  5. Avignon, France;
  6. Lisbon, Portugal;
  7. Dingle Peninsula, Ireland;
  8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
  9. Pompeii, Italy;
  10. Athens, Greece;
  11. Salzburg, Austria;
  12. Henne Strand, Denmark;
  13. Bruges, Belgium;
  14. Düsseldorf, Germany;
  15. Wrocław, Poland;
  16. Groningen, The Netherlands;
  17. Cairngorms, Scotland.

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