“The harassment campaign against me does not intimidate me! Today, at the airport in Vienna, where I was at the civil wedding of my daughter, who married a young Austrian, I witnessed an unprecedented attempt to harass and intimidate George Simion against me “, the liberal claims.

Virgil Popescu says he will not be intimidated by George Simion.

“Many of you have had the opportunity to witness the stream of invectives and lies against me, caused by the despair that we are taking important steps towards Romania’s energy independence. I strongly reject the accusations and publicly condemn this type of aggressive behavior. I will not be intimidated by this character, by this Putinist trumpet and I will go further on the road of Romania’s energy independence “, added the Minister of Energy.

On this occasion, he announced that he would file a third criminal complaint against the AUR president.

“I want to thank the Romanians at the airport who showed a special common sense and asked this individual why he has to do circus?!? Next week I will file the third criminal complaint against George Simion and I am confident that in the end justice will be done “, continued Virgil Popescu.

The minister says he fears for his children and family.

“I know that Romania and Europe are going through a complicated period and it is difficult to trust that good things will happen. But if we tolerate this type of behavior, especially from a parliamentarian, it will not do us any good. Maybe it’s time to have a serious debate, at the societal level, about limits, aggressive behavior, harassment and what we can do to prevent it. I’m not afraid, but I’m afraid for my children and my family. Because it is a very fine line from aggressive verbal behavior to aggressive physical behavior. And as it has been observed lately, from the incidents I have experienced with this envy, I don’t think he has much time to become physically aggressive “, Minister Virgil Popescu also said.

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