“Goodbye, dear camp!” State camps, once a real attraction for children, have become history in Brasov


The camps can now be paid for with parents’ holiday vouchers, according to a bill passed by parliament. It’s just that many of the state camps where thousands of children once had fun are in ruins. The courtyards are full of dandelions, and all the iron and wood have been stolen from the buildings. The alternative to holiday fun is private camps.

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We are in the Timiș Valley, between the Postăvarul and Piatra Mare mountains. A dream area with a special charm. Here, we step on the threshold of the former school camp. Everything that was a metal pipe is gone. Even the wooden floor was stolen.

A history already gone

Claudiu Loghin, reporter Observer: Look, here was a very beautiful porch facing south. That was the dining room. Move on. I entered a very large room where the floor was also stolen. This was the main hall with the stairwell. Here’s what it looks like. That was the kitchen. Look, the tile has been preserved. Here some trees are grown directly in the plaster. And down on this balcony an even bigger tree appeared.

There were ten state school camps in Brașov County. None of them work today.

Woman: The children came for two weeks. They were making campfire. It was beautiful! Flowers everywhere. There were no dances, there was never such a thing here.

Another solution would be private camps. But at higher prices.

Silviu Blan, organizer of private camps: Somewhere at 1,800 – 1900 lei, 5 nights accommodation, 6 days in which all activities are included.

Another option would be the involvement of local authorities who have been trying for more than five years to save three of the ten former school camps in the area.

Sorin Toarcea, spokesman for Brașov City Hall: The municipality received three buildings. Unfortunately, at that time I only received the building, without receiving the related land. Since then, we have struggled to solve this problem. We are in the final phase. The documents are already submitted to the ocpi. After we solve this stage, they will enter for approval the Predeal Local Council and we hope that after that we will be able to start the rehabilitation works.

There is no deadline when the camps could be operational again. The Braşov County Sports Directorate blames the disorganization in the Ministry for the lack of funds.

“Currently, starting from the end of 2021, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is being reorganized, by creating two new ministries: the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities. The newly established subordinate institutions, respectively the County Sports Directorate Brașov and the Brașov County Directorate for Family and Youth have not yet become operational, the latter not having a budget allocated at this time. ” source: Brașov County Directorate for Sports and Youth.

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