Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday night that the reconstruction of Ukraine, “in the broadest sense of the word”, will be “the largest economic project in Europe” and will lay new foundations for a “safe and modern” Ukraine, EFE reports on Sunday. quoted by Agerpres.

Volodymyr Zelensky went to the southern cities of Nikolaev and OdessaPhoto:

In his speech from Saturday night to Sunday, taken over by the local agency Unian, Zelenski referred to the Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine, which begins on Monday in Lugano (Switzerland), as “a major international event” dedicated to the reconstruction of the country. of the word ”.

“We must not limit ourselves to rebuilding everything that the occupiers have destroyed, but we must create a new basis for our lives, for a safe, modern, comfortable and unrestricted Ukraine. For this we need huge investments: billions, new technologies, good practices, new institutions and, of course, reforms “, Zelenski underlined.

In Lugano, Ukraine will present a national plan on Monday on how to implement the entire process, the Kyiv leader said.

“In fact, it is the largest economic project of our time in Europe and an exceptional opportunity to present ourselves to all states, to all the companies we will invite to work in Ukraine,” he added.

Zelenski: “Hundreds of localities have been completely destroyed by the Russian army, they must be built from scratch”

Zelenski noted that the territory of 10 regions has been affected by fighting since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

“During all this time we managed to liberate 1,027 towns and villages, another 2,610 are still under Russian occupation. And most of them need to be rebuilt, hundreds of them have been completely destroyed by the Russian army, they just have to be built from scratch, ”Zelenski said.

In addition, the Ukrainian president continued, dozens of cities in other parts of the country were hit by rockets and hundreds of companies were destroyed, including complex and highly dangerous industries such as the chemical and metallurgical industries.

Zelenski also said that the Ukrainian authorities have already begun, with their own means, to return to normal life in the liberated areas and territories, “but to launch a project of such magnitude throughout the country, to offer new security standards, a new quality of life, it is possible only by attracting international capabilities “, he insisted.

Zelenski: “The war is not over. Help the army, help the volunteers, help all those who are left alone in these moments “

On the other hand, Zelensky asked the Ukrainians to use all the contacts from abroad and all the possibilities they have at hand to convey the truth about the war.

“Constantly use all the contacts you have abroad, all the opportunities for information – including social networks – to spread the truth about the war and the crimes of the occupiers of our lands,” he urged.

At the same time, Zelenski urged Ukrainians in the cities in the rear not to forget that the war was not over and to continue to support the army.

“There is now a sense of relaxation in many cities in the rear, but the war is not over. Keep going. Unfortunately, his cruelty increases in some places, and we must not forget this. Therefore, help the army, help the volunteers, help all those who are left alone in these moments “, the Ukrainian president insisted.


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