I don’t know how many Romanians enjoyed the first news, but I certainly can’t say that they gladly received the second one, of course! Laura Kovesi herself spoke with a subject and predicate about the intention to ask the European Commission to deprive our country of a very large and very necessary community financing. Situation in which the question arises: how can you dare to ask Romanians to choose you in the highest dignity of the rule of law as long as you use your authority and prestige of the position you have in community architecture to strike directly at the National Interest of European Romania?

This is a question that Bogdan Chireac asked in his sharp and rigorous style. Giving an explanation – unfortunately very true – namely that Laura Kovesi speaks for those Romanians who think like her! A category of population for which enmity, suspicion, hatred and resentment are norms of thought and behavior. Strong character that ancestral wisdom defined in the saying: let the neighbor’s goat die too…

I will object, I am sure, that the presidential elections will take place in two years, and until then, the poor Romanian has time to understand how much harm he has done to the country and its people the sanction that Laura Kovesi wants to impose. Very true, but let’s not forget that the specialized propaganda detachments have in the arsenal a counter-argument on which they rely (not without reason!), Namely that those who do not want to legislate the denunciation at work are the supporters of Mrs. Nefertiti’s counter-candidate. Specifically, counter-candidates from certain camps on political barricades who are obviously the only ones supporting corruption. A cliché with which – in other words – it was operated in the presidential elections of 2004, when the Romanians had to choose between Adrian Năstase-the arrogant and the corrupt and Traian Băsescu-the popular and the justice. And, unfortunately, they chose!…

I made this reference because, also last week and also on the information channels, another very interesting news circulated. The one about a possible candidacy of the former foreign minister, Mircea Geoana, currently NATO deputy secretary general, in the upcoming presidential elections. Candidacy that I appreciate and support. Circumstance in which Romanians should choose between a candidate who has done and is doing, premeditatedly, extremely much harm to the country and a candidate who brings real, welcome services to Romania and Romanians. So it would be good if, until then, our electorate would follow more closely the performances of the two possible candidates and draw the correct conclusions. An exact evaluation grid is the one offered by Bogdan Chireac’s analysis that appeared recently on the DC News page.

I admit that, for the time being, the information about the two candidacies is only at the level of working hypotheses, but this does not mean that we should not discuss them. Of course, it is better to prevent evil than to cure it.

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