The year it promises to be disastrous for Romanian agriculture. Because it was raining extremely few, the earth is cracked and dry in depth. Whole hectares of crops in the area of ​​Moldova and Bărăgan, in particular, are already compromised. DacianIn a commune in Dolj, 100 farmers shook hands have accessed European funds for modernizabad of two irrigation stations, in Galati county the peasants put their hope in the mercy of heaven and perform rituals to bring rain.

In Moldova, people say they hope in God, to give them rain

“Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit … Lord, grant us a new favorable rain by bearing fruit …”.

Desperate that the drought will leave them without a harvest, some locals from Cudalbi, Galati County, led by the priest, went to the field and said prayers to bring rain.

Local: Just let God do some miracles, let the weather improve, let’s live.
Local: In vain we pray that it is a great drought, there is nothing in the field, it is a mourning.
Reporter: Would the solution be prayers or irrigation?
Local: Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better. So much for praying that it would rain.

Grigore Gheonea, mayor of Cudalbi: We have appealed to the divinity, we will continue to appeal, that we are faithful people. It is not possible for us to be able to make irrigation systems for the town hall.

Without precipitation, 2022 could become the driest year in history, experts warn.

Dana Costache, journalist Digi24: Of the almost 80,000 hectares of agricultural land sown with cereals last autumn in Galati County, over 30,000 are compromised due to extreme drought, say the specialists of the Agricultural Directorate in Galati.

Laurenţiu Gîdei, deputy from Galaţi: Corn is completely compromised, the flower (sunflower – ed.) Will have very low production, wheat – production under 2,000 kg per hectare, barley as well, in these conditions the farmers do not and can pay for the establishment of cultures. The only solution is to receive calamities from the Government.

In Dolj it is irrigated with European money

In Dolj, on the other hand, people have become much more pragmatic. 100 farmers came together in an association and accessed European funds. With the money received from the European Union, they modernized the old irrigation stations in the commune. The mayor himself came up with the idea, who owns hundreds of hectares of agricultural land.

Ionel Ovidiu Gîngioveanu, mayor of Valea Stanciului: First of all from the drought that has haunted us for years. I contacted a consultant, I identified the funds for irrigation, namely two million euros, one million for each irrigation station.

Elena Alexandru, Digi24 journalist: From here, from this irrigation station, the water leaves daily to the crops of the over 100 farmers of this association. More than 5,000 hectares of agricultural land are irrigated every day.

Without the irrigation system, which has been in operation for about a month, farmers say they would have gone bankrupt. And its usefulness can be seen in the figures: the wheat production already harvested is almost double that of 2021.

Farmer: It helps us a lot. So, this investment is welcome!
Farmer: Without this investment, business would not continue. The climate has changed, so it is no longer snowing in the winter. No more … About 25 years ago, it was said that the southwest of Oltenia will be deserted in 25-30 years … which, these days, we get to feel on our own skin.

In the commune of Valea Stanciului, in Dolj County, over 11,500 hectares of land are cultivated with cereals.

Reporters: Elena Alexandru, Dana Costache / Operators: Adrian Niță, Marian Munteanu

Editor: Liviu Cojan

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