A Russian rocket launcher killed at least 17 people on Friday morning and injured dozens more in the port of Odessa, a regional official said, the blows came a day after Ukraine drove Russian forces from their strategic Black Sea outpost. Snake Island.

Ukrainian army fighting a self-propelled cannon received from PolandPhoto: Twitter

The most important information on Thursday, the 128th day of the war in Ukraine, LIVETEXT:

09:02 Ukrainian artillery hit a hole grouping point or repaired equipment, destroying a tank and several vehicles:

#Ukraine: Ukrainian Artillery hit a staging / repair point for Russian forces in the East, destroying several vehicles including a T-72B series tank. pic.twitter.com/rJi8XcFt8e

– uD83C uDDFA uD83C uDDE6 Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) June 30, 2022

08:54 A draft law on the procedure for admitting new territories to the Russian Federation has been submitted to the Duma.

The bill proposes that part of a foreign state be accepted in Russia “regardless of the location of the borders of that foreign state or its components.” (NEXTA)

08:19 What the Institute for the Study of War says about the Russian withdrawal from Snake Island.

08:05 European network operators are ready to immediately implement the long-term plan to bring the Baltic states, which depend on the Russian network, into the European Union system in the event of a power outage in Moscow, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The Baltic States have a long-term plan to become, by 2025, part of the European decentralized electricity network, known as the ENTSO-E.

Sources said that this plan could be implemented immediately, if necessary, in the contingency plans developed by ENTSO-E for such an eventuality.

07:44 Two Russian missiles fired on a block and a spa in Odessa killed at least 17 people and injured several dozen, according to estimates at this time.

Brief summary of the latest events regarding Putin’s invasion:

  • Russia claims to have withdrawn from Snake Island as a “gesture of goodwill.” Oleksii Hromov, a brigadier general in the Ukrainian army, said Russian equipment on the island had been destroyed. they will exist, he said.
  • The commander of the Kiev armed forces said that the Ukrainian-made Bohdana howitzers played an important role in the liberation of the island and thanked foreign partners for their support. Ukraine introduced into the fight last week, for the first time, strong batteries of American artillery HIMARS.
  • Russia says its forces destroyed a Ukrainian military control center near the city of Dnipro in a missile attack.
  • Moscow has summoned the British ambassador to express a firm protest against the “offensive” and “false” British statements, “especially regarding the alleged” Russian threats to use nuclear weapons “.
  • British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a radio interview this week that Russian President Putin has “little man syndrome”, and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova is “like in a comedy scene – he made the statement every week threatening to bomb everyone with a nuclear weapon. ”
  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said a new “iron curtain” was descending between Russia and the West.
  • Greece is willing to make ships available to help export grain from Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea, which have been blocked by Russia, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said.
  • A first cargo ship has left the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk, occupied by Russia, a local official said, after Russia said the port had been demolished and was ready to resume grain shipments.

07:00 Estonian and Latvian defense ministers sign letter of intent on joint procurement of medium-range air defense systems


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