Andrew Kennedy, currently General Manager of the Unilever business in Southeast Europe, will coordinate, starting July 1, 2022, the Unilever business in Central and Southern Europe. Andrew Kennedy takes over the coordination of local business Unilever from Ana-Maria Pâslaru, who has been named Home Care Chief Marketing Officer & Customer Strategy and Planning in Europe, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), the Middle East, Turkey and Russia (METR).

The changes are part of the organizational strategy implemented by Unilever internationally, through which the company will focus on promoting agile organizational culture and developing the five product categories globally: Home Care, Ice Cream, Nutrition, Personal Care and Beauty & Wellbeing.

Andrew Kennedy joined the Unilever team 25 years ago and has held leadership positions on 3 continents over time, from Global Strategy Officer for Unilever in the UK to Vice President of Customer Development in Thailand, South Africa and China. From 2020, Andrew Kennedy coordinates the Unilever business in Southeast Europe, and starting in July, Andrew will also coordinate the business in the South Central Europe region, in a dual role.

“The region of south-central Europe is full of opportunities. I join an ambitious team, with whom I aim to carry on the legacy of a strong business and local projects developed with integrity and passion. At Unilever, our vision is to be a leader in sustainable business, and our global strategy, focused on developing the five major product categories, is the cornerstone of each of the projects and initiatives we develop for the citizens of the societies in which we are present. . I will dedicate myself to the local business together with the ambitious team from south-central Europe, in order to bring to reality the vision of a company guided by sustainability and brands with strong missions “, said Andrew Kennedy, Managing Director of Unilever South Central Europe.

Ana-Maria Pâslaru, promotion at group level

Ana-Maria Pâslaru started her career at Unilever in 2007 in the role of trainee management and held several positions in the marketing and customer marketing departments of the company, as well as the role of General Manager of Unilever South Central Europe, starting with March, 2021.

“It is a joy and, at the same time, a challenge to return to my great passion – the Home Care category within Unilever. This time, I return to a role that will give me the opportunity to coordinate marketing activities on three continents, from countries as different as traditions and culture. We are confident that the company’s strategy to focus on the development of the five product categories will allow us, in the medium and long term, to be faster, more agile, to focus much better on the categories and the expertise of each category, to be stronger and more responsible. From the new role I will continue to stay close to the team from south-central Europe, my home team, with whom I intend to continue the path of sustainable development of the category of home care products “, pointed out Ana-Maria Pâslaru, Home Care CMO & Customer Strategy and Planning in Europe, ANZ & METR.

Unilever is one of the global leaders in the consumer goods market with strong operations in over 100 countries and sales in over 190 countries. In the south-central region, the Unilever group operates in the food, personal care and home care markets through Unilever South Central Europe and Unilever Romania. Unilever South Central Europe, based in Bucharest, coordinates marketing and sales operations in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova. Unilever Romania coordinates the operations on the industrial platform in Ploieşti.

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