Most of them want to travel, but also to earn money, especially since their salaries have almost doubled compared to the period before the pandemic.

Agrippina is in the United States for the fourth time through the Work and Travel program. He works at a chocolate shop in Michigan, and this year he wants to visit the east coast of America.

Agripina Ioan, student: “I’ve traveled every season and I find it very cool to be on the ocean drive at the age of 21 and pay for a vacation there.”

Emma was in America in the first two years of the pandemic, and now she’s getting ready to go again. She worked as a housekeeper at a bar near Boston.

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Ema Poşchin, student: “I didn’t know what it meant to work outside, to be independent outside. It changed me a lot. I learned to be more patient, more hardworking. ”

And wages have risen by about 80 percent from two years ago. Work begins in July and ends in late September, and October is reserved for fun and travel.

Ema Poşchin, student: “We managed to have a lot of parties, outings. I went on a day trip every day and left in the morning and came back in the evening. ”

Cristi Murafa, Work and Travel company manager: “Most students tend to go to the west coast because during the program they work on the east coast. The activities are very diverse, from skydiving, like last year, bungy jumping, to trips to national parks, big cities or famous places in the states. ”

Data provided by the US embassy show that about 5,700 young people left for the United States this year, almost twice as many as last year.

A young man earns an average of $ 14 an hour, but his pay can reach $ 20 an hour.

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