According to the latest Eurostat data, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second poorest country in Europe, with only Albanians living worse, while Serbia stands at 52% of the European average – Serbian Monitor reported on Tuesday, quoted by Rador.

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“Bosnia and Herzegovina is below 50% of the European average, with 41%, and is ranked only better than Albania, which is 39% of the EU average,” according to Eurostat.

In the region, Montenegro ranked best (60%), followed by Serbia (52%), Northern Macedonia (49%), while Bulgaria is the EU leader (63%).

“In the EU, Luxembourg had the highest standard of living last year, at 46% above the EU average, followed by Denmark and Germany, which are 20% above the average,” according to Eurostat.

Closest to the EU average are Italy, Lithuania and Cyprus, while the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Romania are on average 15% behind.

Croatia is among the EU countries with a low standard of living, expressed in the form of real individual consumption per capita, with 27% below the EU average.

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