At a meter and a half deep, the water is now 40 degrees Celsius.

However, bathing is done according to a well-established schedule, so that the lake retains its beneficial properties.

Lake Ursu in Sovata resort is famous for its very hot water. Here we find a unique phenomenon in Europe, called “heliothermia”, which allows maintaining a high temperature for a long time. It is due to the fresh water layer, which does not let the heat out of the salt water lake. Yesterday came the first guests of this year.

What do the tourists from Lake Ursu in Sovata say

Tourist: “At the first bell we threw ourselves. It is a joy to know that you are opening a season that is expected by many people. From the waist down it is like warm, very good water “.

Tourist: “It’s a little cold on top but it’s nice. Above is a slightly colder layer, then you feel the layers to the depth “.

The splashing is interrupted for only two hours, necessary for the water layers to return to their tracks.

Tourist: “The water temperature is higher than on other days. It does not compare with the sea, the sea is big and Lake Ursu is very good and beneficial for the body ”.

Tourist: “It is to be appreciated from all points of view. It is one of the few places in the country where tourism is done as it should be done everywhere. He left us with a very good impression and in the autumn we would like to return “.

What diseases improve a visit to Bear Lake

Baths are a real balm for those suffering from rheumatism, skin or respiratory diseases. The mud and salt water here increase fertility, due to the content of hormones and nutrients, so many women gave birth to children after a visit to Lake Ursu.

Bathing is allowed only three months a year.

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