“We are lagging behind, but we are not as they once said, that is, we did not stay at the level of Soviet endowment, as Ukraine was before the conflict.

We, in the last 10-15 years since we joined NATO – we have almost 7 years now in which we had 2% of GDP for Defense, of which 20% was for endowment. I participated with 32 thousand people in the theaters of operations in Angola, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We have trained people who have been to the theaters of war and trained there.

We have Patriot batteries, Haymars batteries, Pitania 5, which is very new. We have batteries of rockets and other kinds. We are in the procurement process. Unfortunately, the acquisitions are infernal in the European system because they come with long terms, with appeals, a lot of time is lost “, declared the Minister of Defense.

Asked if we are talking about G2G acquisitions (Government to Government) or offset is included, Dîncu answered that G2G is also offset in many situations.

“It depends if an offset can be made. We are trying. It is a law now (…) that seeks to bring renewals so that the offset is much more applicable in Romania. But we will have to grow. I do this when I meet with the defense ministers from other places or with foreign companies, first of all: I try to invite them to come and make a technological transfer, to rebuild on the basis of our defense enterprises that have remained less equipped and to try to produce here “, said the Minister of Defense.

“We have several projects through which we will produce in Romania the military equipment we need”

He brought back into discussion the memorandum signed together with the Minister of Economy regarding the production of missiles in Romania. In addition, Dîncu claims that our country has received proposals to make micro-submarines, UAVs, but also transport cars and Pirania 5.

“We have several projects of these through which we will produce in Romania the technology we need.

Wars do not take deadlines into account. Those in B9 called for simplification of European procedures, the possibility to make emergency purchases, the possibility to make joint. The defense expenses should not be transferred to the structural deficit for which Romania is sanctioned, because they are already mandatory expenses, they are no longer expenses that we can eliminate.

“These are the acquisitions for which I received terms of 4-5 years”

It is clear that the current procedure is cumbersome and needs to be simplified. For the purchase of armament in acres you need to move very quickly, especially since the market today is very complicated – to order anti-aircraft missiles, or drones or fighter jets you receive terms of 4-5 years. We are glad that we have some acquisitions that will be recent and will be public where we received deadlines between 12 months and a year and a half. It’s the maximum you can get. We need to change this, “the Social Democrat minister explained.

Regarding the corvettes that have been talked about recently, Vasile Dîncu hopes that a solution will be found to launch this project.

“We have signed a letter with France in which we can make a purchase of submarines and helicopters. We are also looking to make purchases in the naval field,” the minister added.

“The Black Sea is not the best friend at this time”

He also spoke about the danger to which Romania is exposed, given the tensions at its border, the uncertain situation in the Black Sea and the battles that are taking place on Snake Island, so very close to us.

“The Black Sea is no longer the best friend during this period given what is happening in Ukraine. The most important project of the Russians was to cut off communication with Ukraine to the Black Sea. The riparian countries and Russia are protected by the Convention on Strait Control The Black Sea is being managed in the light of this control, and this should be discussed in the future, when the NATO concept will be discussed, Russia has managed to block the Black Sea during this period, and Nus will reach Sofia (Bulgaria). The fact that it has reached 22 miles from Romania is a concern and a threat to national security, anything can be placed on Snake Island, not only radars, but also missiles, it is a concern not only for us but also for the international community. , for NATO “, concluded Dîncu.

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