June 26: Romania’s national flag day. Activities organized in Alba Iulia

The day of June 26 was proclaimed the National Flag Day by Law no. 96 of May 20, 1998.

According to the law, this day will be marked by public authorities and other state institutions by organizing cultural and educational programs and events, evocative or scientific, dedicated to the history of the country, as well as by specific military ceremonies, organized within the units of the Ministry. National Defense and the Ministry of Interior.

program activities organized on the occasion of the National Flag Day of Romania

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  1. Place: Alba Iulia Tricolor Square
  1. Date and time: 26.06.2022, 12.30
  1. Schedule of activities:

12.15 – 12.25 Sanctification of the flag in the Reunification Cathedral;

12.25 – 12.30 Travel of officials in the Tricolor Square;

12.30 – 12.35 Presentation of the honor, greeting of the Battle Flag and taking the place in the device;

12.35 – 12.40 Speech regarding the celebration of the Romanian Flag Day;

12.40 – 12.45 Receiving the Romanian Flag to be hoisted on the mast;

12.45 – 12.50 Prayer of blessing of the Romanian Flag;

12.50 – 12.55 The raising of the Romanian Flag on the mast on the chords of the National Anthem of Romania.

  1. Participants:

Institution of the Prefect – Alba County

Alba County Council

Alba Iulia City Hall

Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese, Roman Catholic Archdiocese, representatives of religious denominations

The military units (M.Ap.N., MAI) from the Alba Iulia Garrison

Alba County Intelligence Directorate

Alba County Directorate of Special Telecommunications

Alba Iulia Military Circle

“Regina Maria” National Cult of Heroes Association, Alba branch

“Ferdinand I” National Association of War Veterans, Alba branch

National Association of Military Personnel in Reserve and Withdrawal, “Alba Gemina” Branch

National Association of Military Personnel in Reserve and Withdrawal, “Avram Iancu” branch

Association of Military Veterans and Veterans with Disabilities in Operations Theaters

Revolutionary Association “December 89” Alba Iulia

Alba County Council of Pensioners and the Elderly

“Augustin Bena” Culture Center Alba Iulia

Public services and institutions in Alba county

Political parties

Media representatives

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