According to DAL Travel consultants, one of the most well-known tour operators in Romania with premium tourist products, unique destinations, some of them seeming “untouchable” in the past, have started to be more and more sought after by Romanian tourists who choose for group accompanying circuits, it is shown in a press release.

Among the most requested are Kurdistan – Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but also Ethiopia, Sudan or the countries on the west coast of Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bisau, Gambia and Senegal.

Most destinations are in Asia and Africa.

One of the most successful circuits includes the “4 STANS” in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. On the border between East and West, between the Ural Mountains, the vastness of Russia and the Caspian Sea, are some of the oldest countries on the Asian continent, over which have succeeded some of the most powerful empires of humanity, whose countries History is closely linked to the legendary Silk Road, which for centuries united Europe and East Asia, carrying goods, but also ideas and science.

The 4 countries are safe destinations and have managed, in recent years, to attract tourists from around the world. Among the events and attractions to which tourists are attracted are the Silk Paper Center, a show offered by the Theater of Historical Costumes “El Merosi” but also a cable car ride to admire the Shimbulak Valley or boat trips on Lake Issyk Kul. The circuit, which also includes well-known cities such as Almaty, Bishkek, Tashkent, Bukhara or Samarkand, takes place between August 17 and September 1, 2022, and the cost of this tourist package is 3250 euros.

“As usual, our tourists want to visit and deepen new destinations, where they have never traveled before. Most tourists who opt for these tours have visited at least 30 countries. Group tours with a companion are the safest forms of tourism and any The destination we propose is checked before launching the product.With the accommodation we provide on-site excursions and the most efficient modes of transport.The countries we promote want to develop their tourism and receive visitors ensuring the greatest safety Tourists returning from these tours were extremely pleasantly surprised and did not feel any difference in quality from the tours in Western Europe, Latin America or other more well-known destinations. from a tourist point of view, there are quality accommodation structures, quality services and countless extraordinary tourist objectives “, underlines initiates Daniela Nedelcu, general manager of the DAL Travel agency.

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