Finland is ready to fight Russia if attacked, says Finnish Chief of Staff Interarm

Finland has been preparing for a Russian attack for decades and would resist if it were to take place, General Timo Kivinen, Finland’s chief of staff, told Reuters.

Finland has built a substantial arsenal, but in addition to military equipment, a crucial factor is that Finns are motivated to fight, Kivinen said.

“The most important line of defense is between the ears, as evidenced by the current war in Ukraine,” Kivinen said in an interview, referring to the brain.

Finland waged two wars in the 1940s against its eastern neighbor, with which it shares a 1,300 km border.

In the past, Helsinki has adopted a neutral status, but is now seeking membership in the NATO military alliance because of fears that Russia could invade the country, as it did in the case of Ukraine.

Since World War II, Helsinki has maintained a high level of military training.

“We have systematically developed our military defense precisely for this type of war that is being waged there (in Ukraine), with a massive use of firepower, armored forces and air force,” Kivinen said.

Ukraine was a surprise on the battlefield for Russia, and Finland would follow suit, he added.

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