Almost half of Romanians say their standard of living has dropped because of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Less than a third of citizens say they are ready to deal with rising energy prices in the context of Western sanctions on Russia. The European average is close to 60%.

The data appear in the Eurobarometer conducted between April 19 and May 16.

46% of Romanians feel the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which they say has already reduced their standard of living. The European average is slightly lower, at 40%.

More than a third of those surveyed say they have not been affected yet, but that this will change soon, and 14% believe the war will not have an impact on their standard of living.

Asked if “defending our common European values, such as freedom and democracy, must be a priority, even if it affects prices and living standards”, 62% of Romanians answered NO, while only 35% believe that YES.

On average, these proportions are reversed in the 27 Member States of the European Union, ie 59% of citizens see the defense of European values ​​as a priority, to the detriment of maintaining prices, which is considered important by 39% of those who responded to the survey.

Russia’s war against Ukraine has had the effect of increasing public support for the European Union. Bulgaria is the only Member State where there is a slight decrease in the proportion of citizens who believe that membership of the Union is a good thing.

The Eurobarometer can be consulted in full here

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