Sex education at school, 8th grade and only with the written consent of parents: Law, adopted in Parliament

Sex education at school will be done only from the 8th grade and only with the written consent of the parents, according to a vote given on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies, decision-making chamber. The law by which students will learn about sex education passed with 224 votes “for”, one “against” and 49 abstentions.

The deputies decided, in this sense, to admit in part the request of President Klaus Iohannis to re-examine the Law for the amendment and completion of Law no. 272/2004 on the protection and promotion of the rights of the child.

The law regulates the possibility of designating as a person to ensure the upbringing and care of the child, in addition to relatives up to the third degree, and other persons to whom he has developed attachment relationships or enjoyed family life. The law also provides for the redefinition of residential services, as well as the establishment of a monthly support allowance for the family or person who has received or is the guardian of a child, during the period in which he ensures the upbringing and care of the child.

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The text initially adopted by the Parliament provided that in the school units, with the written consent of the parents or the legal representatives of the children, life education programs, including education, are systematically carried out.

The request for re-examination stated that by introducing the phrase “education for life, including health education”, the text of the law departs from the principle of “promoting health education” provided in art. 3 lit. r) of the National Education Law no. 1/2011.

The deputies reformulated the text, establishing “the systematic development in school units, starting with the 8th grade, with the written consent of parents or legal representatives of children, of health education programs, in order to prevent the contracting of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy of minors. “
Members’ reactions to the debate

During the debates, AUR MP Alin Coleşa stated that there is no need for “sexualization of children”.

“We need freedom, not ideology, we need the freedom to choose how we raise our children. We don’t need child masturbation, gender ideology, teenage abortions, their sexualization in a word. Such an education should be based on healthy concepts, they should be encouraged to reduce the need for physical attraction by promoting sports, all kinds of dangers that exist in the digital environment related to these issues, “said Coleşa.

USR MP Simina Tulbure said that Romania ranks first in the number of underage mothers.

“We need to talk about sex education, not health education. We need to talk about sex in a country where we are the number one underage mother. We are in the top of EU countries where domestic violence exists in families. We need to talk about consent, because our students do not know the idea of ​​consent. So I don’t understand why we talk about health education in a country where we are behind the EU because we don’t know what happens to our students, who learn about sex on the internet, in porn movies, when we should to have people who specialize in schools who should talk about sex education, “Tulbure said.

PNL MP Mara Calista said that the debate on this topic should take place, noting that there are many cases of underage mothers in Romania, sexually transmitted diseases in children under 15 and cases of domestic violence with minors.

“One is reading, one is the recommendations and another is the realities we live in,” Calista said.

Deputy Miroslav Merka also claimed that Romania is a democratic country, but also a “Christian country”.

“I speak as a new parent. (…) During the conducting classes we had the obligation to prepare the children, the parents for something like this, for these non-main activities. Let’s be serious! Do you think that Europe is all that is good? I think you are looking too closely at a changing Europe. We are a democratic country, but also a Christian country. I would not like to see my child educated more than the parent does “, added Miroslav Merka.

PSD MP Adrian Solomon mentioned that this project mainly concerns the rights of the child and it is necessary to adopt it as soon as possible.

“I have been waiting for this project to be debated for a long time and to be launched. It is a review sent by President Iohannis since August 2020. (…) The review only refers to an article that, here, what passions it gives birth to. Let’s leave these passions aside because the project is about the rights of the child and not about what is learned in school “, added Solomon.

The Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body.


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