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The match was extremely balanced, and the two teams were tied both at the end of regulation time and after the two extra time.

The winner was decided in the tiebreaks, and the Catalans were more inspired from 7 meters. Fabregas converted the decisive blow, and Barcelona won the big trophy, score 28-28 (37-35 dld).

Kiel won the small final against Veszprem

Also on Sunday, in the small final of the competition, How it was dramatically imposed on him Veszpremscore 37-35, after the execution of the tiebreaks. The duel was extremely contested. The first half found Veszprem in the lead, who entered the booths 18-14.

The second act was a more balanced one, and Kiel took the lead for several minutes, but failed to manage the end of the game correctly and ended in a draw, 34-34. In overtime, Kiel proved to be more lucid and won 3-1.

Barcelona – Kielce 28 – 28 (37-35 after the penalty shootout)

UPDATE | End of the match! Barcelona manages to defend its Champions League trophy in the knockout stages, after Fabregas converted the decisive blow, score 28-28 (37-35 dld).

UPDATE | End of the second half of extra time: Barcelona – Kielce 32-32. Mem restored the tie, and the match will be decided on the shots from 7 meters.

UPDATE | Break in overtime: Barcelona – Kielce 30 – 29. The Catalans escape again on the counterattack, and this time Gomez scores.

UPDATE | Break: Barcelona – Kielce 28-28. Kulesh scores two seconds before the end and pushes Vive Kielce into extra time!

UPDATE | Break: Barcelona – Kielce 27-26. Ali Zein, the future handball player of Dinamo, also scores for Barcelona!

UPDATE | Break: Barcelona – Kielce 14-13. The Poles show a lot of determination at the end of the half and are approaching the table. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to maintain this rhythm in the second act as well.

UPDATE | Min. 20: Barcelona – Kielce 10-8. A small plus for the Spaniards, but the Poles are not going to give up the fight so easily!

UPDATE | The game has started.

Champions League small final Kiel – Veszprem 37-35

UPDATE Kiel – Veszprem 34-34: The two teams end in a draw at the end of the two halves, so the duel goes into overtime.

UPDATE Kiel – Veszprem 24-27: The second act is also controlled by Veszprem, which keeps its lead over Kiel.

UPDATE: The second half of the small final of the EHF Champions League has started.

UPDATE How – Veszprem 14-18: The first half is over! Veszprem took the lead with four goals at the break.

UPDATE How – Veszprem 6-7: A balanced match so far, but Veszprem is the one that attacks the Kiel goal more intensely.

UPDATE: The match has started.

Initial news:

Kiel – Veszprem, LIVE VIDEO, 16:15, Digi Sport 3, in the small final of the Champions League in men’s handball

The day in big handball will start at 16:15, live on Digi Sport 3, with the match between Kiel and Veszprem, who will play in the small final of the Champions League, after losing the matches in the semifinals.

Kiel have conceded 34 goals for FC Barcelona, ​​while Veszprem have conceded 37 goals for Kielce on Saturday. In today’s small final, the favorites to win the match are Veszprem.

Barcelona – Kielce, LIVE VIDEO, 19:00, Digi Sport 1, in the grand final of the Champions League in men’s handball

The grand final between FC Barcelona and Kielce can be watched from 19:00, live on Digi Sport 1, but also on the digisport.ro website.

Barcelona (Spain) defeated their great rival THW Kiel (Germany), score 34-30 (18-17), on Saturday, in the semifinals of the EHF Champions League, and will play the final against the Poles from Vive Kielce.

In the first semifinal, also played on Saturday, Kielce defeated Veszprem, score 37 – 35, and managed to qualify for the final.

In today’s grand final, which can be watched on Digi Sport 1, from 19:00, Barcelona is the favorite to win the Champions League trophy in men’s handball. The Catalans have a odds of 1.55 for a success, while the opponents 3.20.

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