In an interview with DPA news agency, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz He said the European Union should make it easier for new members to join.

He spoke in an interview about plans to persuade the bloc to “modernize” its processes.

“The time has come not only for the candidate countries, but for the European Union itself to prepare for a club expansion,” Olaf Scholz told DPA.

“For this to happen, the (European Union) needs to modernize its decision-making structures and processes. It will not be possible for everything decided today by unanimous vote to be similarly decided in the future, “Scholz added.

The German chancellor added that he hoped to present his proposals at the summit eu which will take place at the end of next week.

A decisive summit for the EU

The leaders of the 27 member states of the European Union will decide, at the meeting at the end of next week, whether to grant them the status of candidate country for Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

The decision would be taken a week after the European Commission recommended that Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova be granted candidate status. The Commission’s decision was announced on Friday by Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European forum, and Olaf Schoolz said he supported the decision.

“It is also a huge step, compared to the point where our country was in contact with the EU a year or three years ago. The Commission’s view, which is an institutional assessment of our country’s overall and sector-specific readiness for EU membership, is also the main point of reference for next week’s European Council discussion, “said Von der Leyen.

At present, all 27 Member States must agree to be granted candidate status. But there has long been talk of relaxing this rule. But any reforms to the process can only be implemented on the basis of unanimous support, the DPA notes.

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