The road that passes through people’s households takes you, like in a fairy tale, to the Howling Waterfall, of a rare beauty, with a mandatory stop at Valea Zimbrilor.

But the locals are the “heart” of the resort. They invite their visitors to the table, in their own homes, with traditional products and dishes.

Situated at the foot of the Ciucaş Mountains, the Vama Buzăului resort is a real oasis of peace, only 40 kilometers from Brasov. Here people forget about the urban bustle and get in harmony with nature.

The most famous attraction is the Howling Waterfall. Surrounded by forest, the waterfall offers a magical spectacle: the springs come straight out of the mountain, break on the rock wall and get lost in the stream in the valley.

“A few minutes on a bench here in this valley makes anyone, no matter how stressed, recharge their batteries for a new week.”

You can’t drive up to the waterfall, but that shouldn’t scare anyone. The car park is within walking distance. And tourists are welcome with “seasonal” drinks.

A trip to the area must also include a visit to the “Valea Zimbrilor” Nature Reserve, the fourth of its kind in Romania, where over 20 specimens live.

You can also meet reindeer here. Last year, at Buzău Customs, the first captive reindeer chick was born in Romania.

Tiberiu Chirilaș, mayor of Buzău Customs: “Right here, no less than 70,000 tourists have entered the bison reserve. Wow! This is an important figure for us, growing compared to previous years.”

Once you arrive at Buzău Customs, you can’t help but notice the cleanliness of the place. I haven’t even seen a pet thrown on the ground because there are trash cans every step of the way. It’s a neat resort, a sign that it’s possible.

An outdoor walk stimulates the appetite, which is calmed down with a real culinary treat with traditional products.

A unique project in the country was implemented at Buzău Customs. Locals have the opportunity to open their own gastronomic points at home.

There are currently over 15 such points, so you have a choice.

If you want to spend the night at Buzău Customs, you have to look for accommodation in advance, especially on weekends, because there are many requests.

There are also two ski slopes nearby – one at Întorsura Buzăului and the other at Valea Mare.

Sometimes there are “shows”, such as the one made by the children from the Students’ Club.

The Vama Buzăului resort is definitely the ideal place for hiking, sledding and outdoor relaxation. Those who prefer “outdoor” accommodation will be delighted, as there are specially arranged campsites.

Tourists are urged at every step to take care of nature and keep it clean. There are bins and eco-friendly toilets on the route.

Also to protect nature, car access was restricted to Urlătoarea waterfall. However, there is a car park nearby, where you can leave your car.

If you’re hungry, you’ve come to the right place. Here was a unique project in the country: “gastronomic points” opened by locals in their homes – with local products and traditional dishes.

At the moment, there are only 200 accommodation places in boarding houses, but soon you will be able to stay overnight in people’s homes. But it is best to go to Buzău Customs to convince yourself.

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