“Through our joint efforts, we have made a unique and constitutive commitment to our credibility and our defense. Through such rapid and strong detachment, you have helped build the partnership by building what is long and precious among nations, trust. And in In the coming weeks and months, we will do everything we can to stop the Russian war effort, to help the Ukrainians by supplying weapons and continuing the negotiations. “But in a lasting way, we need to defend ourselves, to discourage, to be present. From that point of view, you are pioneers in this mission.”Emmanuel Macron sent to the French military with whom he met in the Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base.

“As Russia invades Ukraine, you have been deployed in record time here in Romania on a meaningful mission. Represent European solidarity and European security. For your commitment and that of your families, the nation is yours. grateful “added the President of France, who is visiting Romania.

“War is a reality in Ukraine. It is at the gates of Romania and threatens the entire continent. At the borders of our European Union, in order to prevent any attempt at destabilization and any aggression against Europe, the commitment of our armed forces is fundamental.” Macron pointed out on Twitter.

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