Accent Travel Agency aims to exceed the 100 million euro sales volume threshold this year, according to information provided by the company’s representatives. Last year, the agency had a sales volume of almost 80 million lei.

“The year 2022 started under a relatively upward trend determined by the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the administrative and medical authorities in Romania, various European states and / or tourist interests in Asia and Africa, the relaxation of travel conditions and the program of objectives of tourist interest national, European, etc. After the first quarter of the year, sales felt a stagnation that tends in some places towards a downward slope “, says Lucian Boronea, CEO of the travel agency. Uncertainties over the start of the war in Ukraine, rising food, fuel and energy prices are the main challenges this year, he said, but solutions are about automating processes to streamline business and development in other European markets.

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