It was found out which city in Romania will have the first air taxi company, this being a European premiere. The service will soon be available to customers and flights will be operated in Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, as well as in cities in our country. See how much an air taxi ride will cost below.

A city in Romania will have an air taxi company. In which countries will flights be made and about how much would a flight cost

Soon Romanians will be able to enjoy a unique service in Eastern Europe. Thus, with a simple application they will be able to find a plane that will transport them to the cities where they want to arrive, in the shortest time, and the prices will be reasonable, of maximum 200 euros.

Also, the city where the air taxi company will operate is Satu Mare, the International Airport being the place from where the planes will be able to take off with the passengers who want to reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

The air taxi company from Satu Mare, established with 90% European funds

According to the latest statements, 90% of the money needed to set up such a company and create such an application comes from European funds, with the remaining 10% being an investment supported by the local budget.

“In recent years I have made many trips to France, to Paris, where these leisure flights are practiced a lot. It is a bit abnormal to cover a route of 150 km in 3-4 hours or even more “, said Mihai Pătrașcu, director of Satu Mare Airport.

A private company will manage the business of the air taxi company from Satu Mare

Mihai Pătrașcu says that it will be a private company that will take care of the proper functioning of this type of air taxi service, and gradually things will change. Depending on the number of passengers on board the aircraft that will be enrolled in this program, the costs may be shared.

How much will it cost, for example, a Suceva-Satu Mare flight with the air taxi company

Last but not least, the director of the airport in Satu Mare announced that a Suceava-Satu Mare flight can be done in an hour and 10 minutes by most pilots, the fuel consumption being only 20-25 liters.

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