The Epic Visits travel platform offers a premium tourism benefit service for companies interested in increasing employee well-being and retention.

Companies that want to offer extra benefits to their employees can use a new travel platformwhich makes it available to employees travel premium subscriptions to destinations in Romania. Epis Visits, the tourist benefit service, has a wide range of exclusive and personalized travel offers for accommodation, combos and experiences, from cabins that you can only reach by helicopter to hobby houses, tiny houses or glamping.

Personalized travel experiences

The subscriptions offer employees access to a personalized portal by the company, with a digital wallet with preloaded amounts, special offers and discounts between 10-40%. Users have the ability to customize experiences depending on preferences and context (romantic dinner, workation, group experience). Hundreds of verified listings can be accessed and grouped into different categories and topics such as tree houses or hobbits, spa or yoga retreats, wine cellar tours or dining experiences.

According to some studies, the priorities in choosing a job are a good salary and extra-salary benefits, and among the most appreciated benefits are those related to holidays.

Companies that want the best employees must offer them the best benefits. Travel is the most aspirational thing in the world and is part of employee wellbeing programs. We know that lack of time or inspiration is a barrier when it comes to planning a special travel experience. We therefore set out to build an efficient infrastructure that provides inspiration for memorable moments, encouraging exploration and thus contributing to people’s mental and emotional well-being, ”said Mihai Bârsan, co-founder of

Travel for the mental balance of employees

The link between employee mental health and work involvement / motivation is close: those who suffer from stress are not a stable source of innovation and performance. In fact, according to a study conducted by Gallup in 2021, 7 out of 10 employees face an increased level of stress and anxiety. At the same time, only 30% of Romanians are involved in the workplace.

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Other research shows that Holidays have a positive effect on mental and emotional well-beingbeing correlated with reducing stress and depression, increasing creativity and productivity.

Travel subscriptions start at 2 euros / month / user. Epic Visits also offers companies the opportunity to quickly create team experiences / teambuildings, with a selection of the best creators of such activities.

Team experiences are more than reconnecting opportunities. Through “play” we get to know each other better, because then the characters and values ​​of each of us come to light. Whether we focus on creative or competitive activities, relaxed or more active, for indoor or outdoor spaces – we have the right solutions for any size of team. Our concepts include: treasure hunts, fun contests, business simulations, creative activities and more, with a duration tailored to each group, from 2 hours to a full day, ”said Victor Georgescu, LifeHax founder, Epic Visits partner. .

Epic Visits is a start-up founded by entrepreneurs Raluca Jianu, Mihai Bârsan, Emanuel Pasat and Bogdan Jianu. The platform selects top 10% accommodations and combos (accommodation and experience) with epic factor and has already had a number of collaborations with various companies in the banking, IT & electronics and beverage industries.

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