The Plogging pentru Romania Association announced that it would organize the Wellfest for Ukraine event in Brasov this month. The festival dedicated to wellness and wellbeing is set to take place in the city’s Noua Park on May 21-22.

Admission to the festival is free, but the association encourages online ticket donations. Those interested can buy tickets here. The Plogging pentru Romania Association will use the funds to continue supplying essential goods to Ukraine.

“We’ve been planning this festival for a long time (read for a few years), and now, a pandemic and a war later, we can see it happening. Maybe it’s better that this is the case: now we have a truly noble cause, namely Ukraine, beyond the fact that this educational concept of wellbeing brings joy to those who participate and perhaps additional informational support about what we can do to find our balance in everyday life,” said Roxana Lupu from Plogging pentru Romania Association.

“Now the noble cause is that we are trying to help our Ukrainian friends, tried hard by the war. The funds raised from online tickets will be used to help them. There will be two days of play, seminars, relaxation, sports and friendship ,” she added.

The event is dedicated to individuals or families with children interested in practical and theoretical workshops, fun experiences, movement and relaxation to understand the concept of a life lived in balance. There will be spaces dedicated to games and movement for children and adults and debates and presentations on topics such as the connection with nature and its protection, psychology, sustainability, healthy living, and parent-child relationships.

There will also be a food and exhibition area where local producers who respect the principles of healthy living will present their products: organic cosmetics, handmade products, products for children and families, or natural and organic food.

Further details are available here.

(Photo source: the organizers)

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