What they left behind and after their withdrawal has now been revealed, as photographers have had full access to its laboratories and offices for the first time. Creepy graffiti on the walls, rubbish dumped along the corridors, broken windows and undercover electrical cables were among the things left by Ukrainian defenders to find them.

Shocking images from Cenobil

When Kremlin forces took control of the site, many locals feared a major radioactive disaster as a result of heavy fighting around the waste disposal plant. Soldiers dug trenches in the highly toxic area, but later withdrew as part of a larger retreat around the capital Kyiv in April.

The nuclear power plant no longer produces energy, but before the invasion, nearly 6,000 workers monitored the effects of the catastrophic crisis of more than three decades ago. The Washington Post reports that 698 computers. 344 vehicles and 1,500 dosimeters of radiation were confiscated – all irreplaceable. She estimates the cost of replacing what was lost was more than $ 135 million.

Russian soldiers who took control of Chernobyl spread radioactive material around the factory, and a soldier took a source of radiation empty-handed. It is not known what happened to the soldier who dealt with the waste. Soldiers contaminated the power plant with radioactive material as they walked through the forest, carrying the waste back on their shoes.

Danger of nuclear contamination

As a result, radiation levels increased at the power plant. “It’s really crazy,” Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko told CNN. “I have no idea why they did it. But we can see that they went in there, the soldiers who went there, they came back here and the radiation level increased ”.

Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, said that Putin’s invasion of the nuclear site showed Russia’s threat to the rest of Europe. “Nuclear smoke is not limited by borders. It can reach Eastern Europe, Central Europe and even the United Kingdom. The danger of nuclear contamination in Europe is very high, while Russia continues this war “, he said according to Mirror.co.uk.

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