Is anyone still thinking about a car holiday in Europe? In addition to the price of fuel, the maximum inconvenience can come from aggressive, dangerous or even drunk drivers, according to a survey quoted by CNN Travel.

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While 97% of Europeans surveyed are proud of their own style – why not be surprised? – 79% have a negative opinion about others.

In March, 12,400 Europeans were interviewed for Vinci Autoroutes in France, which manages the Hexagon motorways. The Ipsos research company asked at least 1,000 drivers in 11 countries about their and others’ driving habits, at home and abroad.

The results can be shocking. A whopping 42% of Poles say that driving is “everyone on their own” (compared to only 7% of Spaniards), and a quarter of Britons admit that they are not the same behind the wheel and in front of it.

The survey also brings to mind national stereotypes that it often makes real. Only 16% of Italians say the other compatriots are polite behind the wheel, while 14% of French drivers admit to being stressed. The British seem to be the least critical, admitting that 68% of drivers are attentive, and less than half – calm and kind.

When it comes to appreciation for other countries, things change little. Germans – known for their high-speed highways – believe that only 30% of drivers in other countries are aggressive and even fewer – irresponsible.

The most gentle were the Spaniards and the British, 70% of them having something negative to say about their colleagues on the continent. It seems like a lot, but only until you find out what others are saying. If you take it to Greece this summer, sleep well ahead and have a coffee on the way to be in top shape.

Greeks are the most critical of foreign drivers, with 91% using negative terms when describing them. But they are also leaders in terms of “uncivilized behavior” in their own cars, half acknowledging that they swear, honk, overtake on the right or jump out of the car to quarrel with another driver. So keep an eye on the rearview mirrors in Greece or go to Slovakia, which is the last on the list of those who press you from behind.

Greece also leads the use of the phone on the go, 77% admitting that they make calls, and 83% that they look at their smartphone while driving. The Spaniards close the list with 62%.

The Greeks also admit that they are dangerous drivers, a third admitting that they exceed the legal speed, turn red, do not slow down on the roads and do not keep a safe distance between cars. Only 20% of Greeks have something positive to say about drivers in other countries, but 50% of Britons say nice things about others.

The poll is not the only nightmare for the upcoming holidays. “Carmaggedon” inflates car rental rates to record highs, and there are dozens of canceled flights every day in the UK.

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