The new line of Transportdirectly connects Timișoara with Sofia and has a daily schedule. Goods from the Timișoara area can reach the recipient in Sofia, even within 24 hours of collection. For a grouping solution, which comes with excellent prices, it is a performance that is hard to beat.

From the Ruse and Sofia warehouses, the goods go to the rest of the areas in Bulgaria, using Raben’s network of 7 warehouses in Bulgaria. The Raben distribution network is ADR compliant, covering freight transport for almost all processing industries in Bulgaria. Raben Logistics Romania currently manages 2 direct connections with Bulgaria:

Timisoara – Sofia with a transit time of 24 hours.

Bucharest – Ruse with a transit time of 24/48 hours.

More details can be found on the dedicated page A quick quote can be obtained in just a few minutes, using the robotic MyRaben application. No account is required to receive a quote. For more details, you need to fill in a few fields and get all the information quickly.

The Raben Timișoara warehouse also has direct daily connections with Poland, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and a direct connection with Italy. The transit time for all direct connections is between 24/72 * hours, depending on the postal code and destination, except Italy, where the transit time is 96 hours.

Nexeo Plastics – partner of Raben Logistics Romania

The development in the logistics segment was consolidated by signing a partnership with the global distributor of resins and thermoplastic compounds, Nexeo Plastics. The solutions made available to the new partner are those of contractual logistics and transport at national level, through the network of 9 warehouses in Romania, as well as external distribution in Hungary and Bulgaria. All the details related to the Raben warehouse network in Romania can be seen here

“Together with Nexeo Plastics, we will develop a close and fruitful partnership, and I am confident that our transportation and logistics services will strengthen Nexeo’s partnership with its customers.” said Velentin Storoj, General Manager of Raben Logistics Romania.

In the last year, Raben Group has grown strongly, entering the Austrian and Greek markets, with the acquisition of Bexity, present in Austria since 1986, and Intertrans in Greece, with over 40 years of experience in transport and logistics. . Currently, Raben Group is present with its own warehouse networks in 15 European countries and with strong partners in the rest of the countries. More details and the direct connections that Raben Romania has with the rest of Europe, can be seen by visiting the page -international

With 90 years of experience, the company promotes entrepreneurship, and the ideas of each team member are appreciated and integrated into Raben’s development solutions. “People with DRIVE” is the slogan under which the Raben team operates and is always open to new colleagues who have the impetus to work in a high-performance logistics company

90 years of experience

For Raben Group, 2021 was the year of its 90th anniversary. 90 years of experience, innovation and continuous development. And the company certainly won’t stop there. On the occasion of its anniversary, the logistics operator took the internet users on a journey through places that were strongly affected by the negative effects of human activity. The Eco2Way tour lasted 5 months and led through 11 European countries where Raben has its business units.

The highlight of the action was an online vote, in which three of the 21 aid projects presented above competed for funding from the Raben Group for their implementation. The winning project was voted by more than 283,000 participants, whose hearts were won by the Czech initiative, which aimed to create an oasis for white storks, loved by all, by creating a pond area, spread over a total area of 40,000 square meters in Dvůr. Králové nad Labem. The entire tour was available on and on the company’s social network * transit time may differ depending on the place of loading / unloading.

Raben Group

Raben Group is a logistics operator that offers complete TFL services: contract logistics, road network (domestic, international and east), Fresh Logistics, FTL and intermodal transport, sea and air transport.

Over 90 years of experience and market recognition, allow us to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers. The company offers “human-facing” logistics for small, medium and large enterprises. Partnership and trust are part of this style of cooperation. In business, Raben respects the principles of fair play, because he believes that relationships based on mutual honesty build a better tomorrow.

The group has more than 160 subsidiaries in 15 European countries (Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Austria), managing approximately 1,300,000 m2 of storage capacity. and every day he sends more than 9,000 trucks on the road. However, it all started with a small Dutch family business. Today, the values ​​of family organizations are still important to the company, which positively affects employee engagement and customer relationships.

Rabbis are “People with Drive.” It is a team that loves challenges and always plays for one goal. Each of the more than 10,000 employees has its own individual impulse that moves the team forward. We are distinguished by entrepreneurship, energy and we are always looking for more.

The group wants to be the engine that will not only keep the world running, but also make it better and greener. Therefore, it constantly implements its sustainable development strategy based on three pillars: responsible organization, environmental protection and social impact.

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