Press release Dragoș Crișan Local councilor USR – Aiud: Aiud Municipal Hospital penalized with 856,055 lei for unjustifiably limiting competition to the tender for the purchase of medical equipment

A very large financial correction was applied to the Aiud Municipal Hospital, amounting to 856,055 lei, by the Ministry of European Investments and Projects – General Directorate for European Large Infrastructure Programs, because it unjustifiably limited competition to the tender for the purchase of medical equipment.

“I believe that the loss of this large sum of money through non-compliance with the law and incompetence is an extremely serious matter for our city. The financial correction was made through two reports of non-compliance issued by the state institution, which was not initially presented to us at the meeting, but only later after we had expressly requested it.

The worst aspect is that the hole of 856,055 lei was closed by reducing the hospital’s expenses for sanitary materials, medicines, food for people, heating, lighting and motive power, other goods and services, functional materials and services.

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In short, incompetence is borne by the citizens and not by the guilty. As a result of this financial correction, sick citizens will benefit from fewer medical supplies, fewer medicines and generally poorer services and not because of medical staff but because of the incompetence and / or bias of some “button” people.
On May 19, 2022, we were summoned to the meeting of the Local Council, to approve the rectification of the budget of the Aiud Municipal Hospital, following this financial correction, amounting to 856,055 lei. According to the Minutes no. 14110 / 17.05.2022, the amount of 856,055 lei, which will no longer be financed from European funds, determined a reduction of the amounts destined for the optimal functioning of the Hospital as follows:

1. Decreasing the expenses of the Hospital by the amount of 385,000 lei, for materials and services of a functional nature;
2. The decrease of the expenses of the Hospital with the amount of 170,000 lei, for other goods and services for maintenance and operation;
3. Decreasing the expenses of the Hospital by the amount of 55,220 lei, for heating, lighting and motive power;
4. Decreasing the expenses of the Hospital by the amount of 80 lei, for food for people;
5. Decreasing the expenses of the Hospital by the amount of 21,880 lei, for medicines;
6. The decrease of the expenses of the Hospital with the amount of 223,960 lei, for sanitary materials;

Here is an excerpt from the Report correcting the financial correction to the Municipal Hospital:

“Neither the published notice / tender / invitation to tender published nor the award documentation or the contracting authority / entity’s responses to the economic operators’ requests for clarification describe in sufficient detail the award criteria together with the evaluation factors and their weights an effect of unduly restricting competition (such as the absence of sufficient details could have had a deterrent effect on potential bidders) “

In the opinion of this state authority, the Aiud Municipal Hospital discouraged competition in order not to submit more bids in the tender procedure for medical supplies. The bottom line is that they are discussing the purchase of those medical materials that about a year ago, my colleague, Mrs. Nistea, stated that they are overvalued with astronomical prices.

Instead of being deeply concerned about this issue and finding the culprits and recovering the amounts, both the mayor and the deputy mayor stated that these corrections are common. They made me curious, to be honest, with these statements.

I believe that the competent authorities should shed light on this case, even if the PNL-UDMR councilors voted to rectify the hospital budget and “cover the hole”. I believe that our city has been directly or indirectly harmed by this amount and that the culprits must be paid and not the citizens.

Upset by my interventions in connection with the hospital and the sanitation operator, the mayor stated in the meeting that I had reached the peak of incompetence.

I don’t think it’s the right thing to do when it comes to incompetence. Does she consider those who harm this city competent?

I will come back with details on this topic as well as on the situation of the sanitation operator debated in CL.

Dragoș Crișan, Local Councilor USR – Aiud

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