The 5G network in Poland is much worse than in other Central and Eastern European countries. This is the result of a study provided by Okla.

5G speed in Europe – Poland is worse

The Ookla poll shows that Poland is the last in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – the speed of the 5G network is very low in our country. How fast is 5G internet in Poland? Bad news: we only have an average download speed of less than 100 Mb / s, and uploading – less than 20 Mb / s. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria – it’s the best everywhere. Especially in Bulgaria, the average download speed is over 400 Mbps.

5G in Poland – which operator to choose?

Although the average values ​​are not encouraging, there are clear differences between the operators. Orange, T-Mobile and Play offer uniform download speeds (just over 50 Mb / s), plus stand-alone – name prediction – on the extra side, which is higher than the average 150 Mb / s. Specifically, it reached a value of 167.37 Mb / s in tests. However, it was significantly worse in terms of transfer speed (Orange is at the top of the rankings here).

Where is 5G in Poland?

Choosing the right operator is one thing, but location is also important. Where can I count on 5G fast in Poland? Of the big cities in our country, Łódź is the best (average download is over 90 Mb / s). It also looks decent in Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw (65-75 Mb / s).

Map Ookla 5G Poland

Poland in the context of Europe. Why does it look so bad?

However, all these results are clear compared to the big cities in our part of the world, but outside Poland: the average is 121 Mb / s in Prague, 177 Mb / s in Budapest, almost 290 Mb / s in Zagreb and over 440 Mbps in Sofia. .

Map Ookla 5G Europe

The good news is that the best time for 5G in Poland is still ahead of us. The infrastructure is not yet fully ready, but adequate work is underway, which will require significant next-generation mobile connectivity. First of all, Poland is the only country that does not yet offer 5G bands, so our operators are still relying on basic 4G / LTE technology.

The full report is available on the Ookla website.

Source: Okla

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