The Secretary of State for European Affairs of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the Hungarian Ambassador to Romania and expressed his concern over a statement posted on Facebook by Hungarian President Katalin Novak on Friday, in which she assumes the status of “representative of all Hungarians, no matter where they live ”, inside or outside the borders of Hungary, announces a communiqué of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted by Agerpres.

“The Romanian MFA contacted, at the level of Secretary of State for European Affairs, the Hungarian Ambassador to Romania and conveyed the Romanian side’s concern about the above statement, as follows: thus, insofar as the statements of the President of Hungary, in private visit to Romania, also refers to Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity, it should be noted that, according to international law, a state cannot claim its rights of any kind in relation to the citizens of another state. In addition, the primary responsibility for respecting the identity rights (ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic) of Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity rests with Romania, as a state of citizenship, Hungary, as a related state, having at most an interest in strengthening cultural ties, as both the 2001 report of the Venice Commission on preferential treatment of national minorities by the related state and the 2001 statement of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities entitled Sovereignty, Responsibility and National Minorities. of MAE.

What the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest sent to the MFA official

According to the quoted source, such declarations do not correspond to the European standards in the matter nor to the spirit of the Treaty of Understanding, Cooperation and Good Neighborhood between Romania and the Republic of Hungary (signed in Timişoara, on September 16, 1996) and the Declaration of Strategic Partnership between the Government of Romania and the Republic Hungary for 21st Century Europe (adopted in Budapest on 29 November 2002) marks two decades since its adoption.

“Romania remains deeply attached to the desideratum of promoting a pragmatic relationship with Hungary in the direct interest of Romanian and Hungarian citizens regardless of ethnicity!”, The communiqué states.

The MFA also mentions that the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest used the occasion of the telephone conversation to clarify that the elements published in the Romanian press regarding a possible participation of the Hungarian president, during the visit, at an award ceremony of two Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity “do not correspond in no way to reality. ” The Romanian side “took note” of these clarifications.

Katalin Novak met Kelemen Hunor in Cluj-Napoca

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor, Deputy Prime Minister, announced on Friday that he had met in Cluj-Napoca with the new President of Hungary, Katalin Novak. “Novak Katalin took office on May 10, and one of her first trips was to Cluj-Napoca. This morning we had the opportunity to discuss in detail the topics that concern us all, “Kelemen Hunor wrote on Facebook.

For her part, Katalin Novak posted a message on the social network after meeting Kelemen Hunor. “Today I met Hunor Kelemen, president of UDMR, deputy prime minister of Romania. As President of Hungary, I consider it my priority to represent all Hungarians, because it does not matter to me whether anyone lives inside or outside the borders. The Hungarians are Hungarians, period, ”the post reads.

Katalin Novak visited, on Friday, several objectives of the Hungarian community in Transylvania (a college, a church) and posted on Facebook including a video of her jogging in Cluj-Napoca.

Katalin Novak, recently appointed, is a close associate of Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Katalin Novak was sworn in as President of Hungary last Saturday in a ceremony in front of the Budapest Parliament. The sixth president since the change of the Hungarian political system in 1989-1990, she is the first woman to become head of state.

Former Fidesz MP and an ally of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Katalin Novak was elected to parliament in March shortly before Viktor Orban won another landslide victory in the April 3 legislative elections.

Katalin Novak served as Fidesz’s vice president and was Minister of Family Affairs in Viktor Orban’s previous government.

Editor: Luana Pavaluca

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