The buildings of the former Military Engineering Unit in the White Carolina Fortress could be taken over by the local authorities, if a decision in this regard is taken at the Government level. At least that is clear from the answer given by the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă, to a question addressed by the reporter.

Specifically, when asked if the buildings belonging to the former unit could be handed over to Alba Iulia City Hall, Prime Minister Ciuca said that there is a plan at the Ministry of Development to decentralize spaces that are no longer used by other ministries and transfer them to local authorities. But at the moment there is nothing concrete.

In his turn, the mayor of Alba Iulia, Gabriel Pleșa, took steps to sell the buildings. Former mayor Mircea Hava also made efforts and requests for the respective buildings to be administered by the City Hall, but without success.

If the buildings were included in the patrimony of the local administration, it would be a plus, first of all for the space in the White Carolina Fortress, which would be considerably enlarged. At the moment, the buildings in question are a “gray area” that comes in a visible contrast with the rest of the buildings.

What Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said

“I don’t know what the concrete situation is at the level of the Ministry of National Defense, I know that instead at the level of the Government there is a coordination plan at the Ministry of Development with other ministries regarding decentralization and ensuring the transfer to local authorities of those assets that are no longer manageable and they are currently in ruins and can be used by local authorities for various opportunities they have, “said Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

Approaches made by Gabriel Pleșa

Gabriel Pleşa stated that he had several discussions both with those from the Ministry of National Defense and at the level of the Government in order to obtain the respective spaces, but at the moment no conclusion has been reached, nothing has been decided.

The mayor explained that the intention would be for the area to become pedestrian. The spaces could be arranged for different events: temporary exhibitions, cultural events, headquarters of some organizations.

The spaces could thus have multiple uses. In an interview, Mayor Pleşa also talked about arranging, in the future, some spaces for the theater.

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“We are working hard and I would like to have a summer and winter theater in the Citadel area and I would like to have another open-air concert venue, not only the Citadel Square, and I think we need other tourist attractions .

Gabriel Pleşa referred to a project that won a competition of ideas related to arranging a theater.

“Imagine a normal summer and winter theater, all over that bastion, and in the summer there is an amphitheater, the stage is pulled over the seats and you use it as a summer theater. I thought it was an exceptional project.

I also talked to Mr. president of the Alba County Council and I told him that I am absolutely delighted with such an idea; what is very interesting is that this project can move symmetrically on any of the bastions, in case we will not be able to obtain that space ”he specified.

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