The absence of an embargo on Russian oil in the future EU sanctions package against Moscow would mean a rupture of European unity in support of Kyiv, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba.

“If this package is adopted without an oil embargo, I believe that President Putin will be able to celebrate, because it will be the first time that the unity of the European Union will be broken due to the position of a single country, Hungary,” said Kuleba. meeting of the heads of G7 diplomacy in Germany, reports Agerpres.

The proposal submitted by Brussels last Wednesday to the 27 provides for a cessation of imports of Russian crude oil within six months and of refined products, especially diesel, by the end of 2022.

A country dependent on oil purchases from Russia, Hungary was offered a derogation, but considered it insufficient.

By saying that Brussels has crossed a “red line”, the nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban thus rejects the current variant of sanctions, which requires the unanimity of the 27 EU states, reports AFP.

Kuleba found Budapest’s economic arguments unconvincing.

“We see that there are more political than economic arguments in Hungary’s position,” he said.

A veto by Hungary to prevent the embargo from being imposed “would cause a lot of damage to the European Union” and its member states “must do everything possible to avoid it,” he said.

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