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Rassambek Akhmatov (25 years old) arrived in Romania in the autumn of 2020, when an agent brought him to the newly promoted Recea Commune. Immediately, the player with dual Russian-French nationality was legitimized.

Rassambek Akhmatov recounts his adventure in Romania

The Atchkhoi-Martan-born midfielder admitted that he regrets the choice made, because there are certain practices in Eastern football, including in Romania, which do not allow you to be 100% focused on your job.

A French agent living in Romania contacted me and told me to give it a try at a small club in League 2, giving me the word that it would lead to something concrete. A newly formed club. I went there, but it was messy, unorganized, catastrophic terrain. Compared to the United States, big difference. However, at the football level, they play well.

During the season I played against some players who played for Fiorentina, Watford, good footballers with good CVs. Honestly, I don’t know how they got there. So I sign with Recea and play all the starting matches. I was the leader of the team, despite the many defeats. I stood out and at the end of the season all the teams in League 2 wanted to transfer meAkhmatov said in an interview with the French press.

Rassambek Akhmatov: “He told them he knew me, but it was completely untrue”

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After the tour, Rassambek Akhmatov was one of the most interesting players in League 2. Soon, the leaders of the important clubs in the second echelon, but also a club in League 1, FC Voluntari, began to take an interest in his situation.

Unfortunately, an agent who illegally assumed his representation hindered his promotion to League 1. He introduced into the negotiations a commission that the Ilfovians did not want to pay, so everything fell apart. The player found out the details of the talks too late.

During the winter break, there was a club in League 1, FC Voluntari, who asked for information about me by calling my coach and president. They wanted to transfer me, but they couldn’t because of an agent. This is recurrent in Eastern countries.

Volunteers contacted this agent, who told them he knew me, but it was completely untrue. The agent demanded a large commission, and this slows down the club’s desire to transfer me, saying that they have no way to pay such a sum for a player like me. So he’s transferring a Belgian, in the same position as me, from a new lower League 2 team. Without being arrogant, I was better than him. I waited, but nothing. So I took the number of the sports director from Voluntari and called. He told me that my agent demanded too much commissionAkhmatov added.

Rassambek Akhmatov: “It’s sad and unfortunate”

The Chechen footballer also spoke about the fact that he was not paid in Romania, as promised. As the three-month salary deadline approached, the club in Recea transferred a salary so that the player would not be free.

In addition, Akhmatov is not entirely surprised by what happened, because, in his opinion, this is happening all over Romania. Including at CFR Cluj, champion in the last four seasons, with appearances in European groups.

He did not go bankrupt. They owed me three months’ salary, but you can’t even go to FIFA against them because the club doesn’t exist anymore. The contract stipulated that after three months of unpaid salary, the player could leave freely. The problem is that the club has always given me a month’s salary to keep me from going free. It was complicated. But it was a normal situation for the local players. We played until May, but they were unpaid since November.

It’s sad and unfortunate for local players, especially in Romania. But they live in their own country, with their savings, but for a foreigner who arrives alone, who does not speak the language, he has to deal with such problems. Unfortunately, you can’t focus on football. By the way, these things also happen in League 1. I know someone who plays for CFR Cluj, who has won the last four championships and played in Europe, who had salary arrears for three months. What is interesting is that this club will not go bankrupt at the end of the seasonAkhmatov concluded.

At the moment, Akhamtov is playing in the first league in Kazakhstan, at Maktraaral. He has also played for FCSR Haguenau, FCSR Obernai, FC Miami City, Vauban, Kansas City.

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