“We had illusions that the Cold War ended in 1989-1990, then in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia became a country with a somewhat civilized relationship with the West, trying to benefit from what it meant in the end. in a formula after 1991 a Soviet capitalism and trying to get out of chaos a conglomerate that was the Soviet Union through a harmonious relationship, encouraged, moreover, by the West, perhaps for certain interests, but in any case in a relationship which went pretty well until Russia felt that this expansion to the east of NATO was building a sanitary checkpoint, an isolation zone, and disappearing that buffer zone that was somehow accepted between the West and Russia.

And now I have the impression that a kind of chess game is being played, but chess games do not last indefinitely. In the end, they come to a certain conclusion, and it is extremely worrying for me that Finland and Sweden have announced their intention to join NATO. We know very well that this aggression by Russia, no matter what they call it, started precisely from Ukraine’s intention to become a member of NATO.

Now another 1,300 kilometers of direct border with Russia would be added, with a possible accession of Finland. And then, all over the north, along with the known countries, the three Baltic countries, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden would practically be added, destroying a certain idea of ​​neutrality that Russia is trying to impose. now Ukraine. And this is obviously a formula by which the West is trying to push things to an area that is certainly in some way agreed by the people of Finland and Sweden.

It is clear that what is happening this week and next week, with the likely announcement of the two countries’ decision to join NATO, will put additional pressure on the position of the other NATO countries, but anyway – as happened after 2008 – it will there was a period of instability and tension, and the conflict in Ukraine will continue, “said Adrian Nastase.

The Russians are threatening nuclear war again, following Finland’s announcement that it will join NATO

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is threatening the risk of a nuclear war if Finland joins NATO.

Russia considers Finland’s possible accession to NATO an “obvious threat”. The Kremin’s reaction comes shortly after Finland’s president and prime minister gave the go-ahead for the country’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.

The two leaders said in a joint statement that the country “must apply for NATO membership without delay.” The major policy change in Helsinki comes less than three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement made today by the President and Prime Minister of Finland is undoubtedly one that provokes nerves in Moscow.

Finland’s entire eastern border is with Russia. We are talking about 1,300 kilometers. Certainly, if this country becomes a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, an important defense infrastructure will be built here. That drives Putin crazy, analysts say.

Moscow has repeatedly threatened to backfire when Finland and Sweden join NATO.

Today, Russia’s former president and current deputy chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, threatened the Telegram that there was a risk of a full-blown nuclear war.

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