The Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, believes that the natural gas market has been manipulated by the Russian state-owned company Gazprom. As long as Europe is dependent on Russian gas, prices will not fall to 2021, the minister told Digi24.

This, given that the price of gas has increased by 85%.

“It simply came to our notice then. Growth has practically started in the last part of last year, practically in September. Suddenly Russian gas began to rise, pulling the whole market up. I have always said that this was certainly not accidental, the fact that the Russians reduced deliveries to Europe, the fact that they did not supplement the demand, they did not supplement the gas supplies, they redirected a lot of gas to Asia. ” said the minister.

“I think it was designed specifically to raise the price, to create a problem for Europe, as a first stage of the war in Ukraine. It is precisely to create a problem for Europe, to have something to deal with, “he added.

“I believe that the whole of Europe will no longer depend on Russian gas earlier than 2026-2027 because it is already a clear policy, at European level, an accelerated reduction in dependence on Russian gas,” said Minister Popescu.

“I am convinced that Romanian gas will become cheaper when we have more gas than we can consume. Market rules are simple: the higher the supply than the demand, the lower the price of gas. The market was clearly manipulated, in my opinion, by Gazprom. There is not enough gas on the market at the moment, and the market is very sensitive and reacts to whatever is happening. As long as we depend on Russian gas, I don’t think the price will reach the level of 2021, from April 2021 when we are witnessing a peace in the market “, Popescu added.

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