PHOTO | CS Unirea Alba Iulia: 7 medals at the European Powerlifting Championships in the Czech Republic. Andrei Irimie, gold pushed him from bed

The CS Unirea Alba Iulia delegation, led by coach Ovidiu Pănăzan, won 7 medals (including 1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze) at the European Equipped Powerlifting Championship, held on May 2-8 in Pilsen, Czech Republic . Our athlete, Andrei Irimie, won the gold medal for seniors again, in the push-up test, thus re-editing the success achieved last year.

CS Unirea Alba Iulia results:

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Todorescu Bianca, weight category – 57 kg (Junior athletes II, 14-18 years old):
Kneeling – 3rd place;
Pushed from bed – 2nd place;
Corrections – 4th place;
Total – 4th place.
Her results are extremely good, especially in the context in which the athlete is at the first international competition.

Cazacu Alexandra, weight category 52 kg (junior athletes I, 19-23 years old):
Kneeling – 3rd place;
Pushed from bed – 3rd place;
Corrections – 2nd place;
Total – 3rd place.
Our athlete thus obtained 4 extremely important medals!

Irimie Andrei, weight category 83 kg (senior athletes):
Pushed from bed – 1st place (pushed 250 kilograms – fantastic result in his weight category).

This is the second consecutive year in which the athlete Andrei Irimie manages to obtain the gold medal at the European Championship. Last year, in August, also in Pilsen, Andrei had managed to obtain the same performance for Romania.

A very good result, for seniors, was obtained by Daniel Ordean (weight category 120 kilograms), who placed 4th in the push-up test, tied with the 3rd place occupant, the two being separated by body weight (our athlete weighed several pounds).

On behalf of CS Unirea Alba Iulia, the athlete Cazacu Alexandru also competed, in the 120 kg weight category. Multiple medalist at juniors, at domestic and international competitions, he obtained meritorious results in the context in which he was at his first external evolution in seniors (after, for a short time, he made the transition to the new age category).

In addition to the 7 medals, our athletes obtained 4 rankings in the first 6 places.

The Romanian delegation, led by the president of the Romanian Powerlifting Federation, coach Ovidiu Pănăzan, won a total of 31 medals. In addition to the athletes from CS Unirea Alba Iulia, athletes from famous clubs in the country participated, as follows: CS Iron Team Ploiești, CS Universitatea Alba Iulia, CS Caza Powerlifting Timișoara, CS Crișul Oradea.

From the Romanian team, the only gold medal for seniors was obtained by our athlete Andrei Irimie. Romania’s team consisted of 13 athletes and 4 technicians. The best athletes from over 20 countries took part in the European Powerlifting Championships in the Czech Republic.

The next competition for CS Unirea Alba Iulia, in which the athletes Todorescu Bianca and Cazacu Alexandra will participate, is the World Powerlifting Championship – Juniors, in Istanbul.
CS Unirea Alba Iulia sends success to all athletes and coaches!

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