On Wednesday, the government approved the 2022 National Reform Program, a document that reflects, among other things, the progress regarding the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, announced the spokesman of the Executive, Dan Cărbunaru.

“Another memorandum approved today by the Government aims to approve the National Reform Program 2022. This program reflects the areas pursued by our country during the European Semester, a document that reflects the progress on the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, but also measures outside this framework. through other instruments that are available to Romania. With the approval of the Government, the document will be sent to the European Commission “, Cărbunaru declared, in a press conference, at Victoria Palace.

He said that the program was developed on the basis of guidelines provided by the European Commission and structured to follow the pillars within the scope of the EU recovery and resilience mechanism, pursuing complementary and additional interventions to those of the PNRR.

“An overview of the measures implemented or expected to be adopted in the short and medium term in Romania in the areas analyzed during the European Semester, whether it is fiscal-budgetary policy, green transition, digital transformation, business environment, competitiveness economic development, labor market, social inclusion and the fight against poverty, health, administrative capacity, education and skills. This document also addresses issues such as employment, health, education, major issues that are addressed by the European Commission in the launch document of the European Semester 2022, and reflects the priorities proposed by the European Commission through its analysis this year on sustainable growth, respectively environmental sustainability, productivity, equity and macroeconomic stability “, said Cărbunaru, according to Agerpres.

The government-approved program, he said, focuses on reforms and investments aimed at sustainable development, in line with the European goal of a gradual transition in economic policy coordination from a pandemic crisis-oriented approach to a favorable economic recovery. social inclusion and stronger resilience.

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