Marius Budai: I guarantee you that the PNRR will be changed

The Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity, Marius Budai, said that he was “tired of all those who explain to us and tell us how it cannot be done”, referring to the PNRR renegotiation regarding pensions.

“I will never stop fighting PNRR, I guarantee you that it will be changed, in one way or another. Not modified, let’s clarify, modification may mean too much. (..)

We do not want to take out a reform and introduce another effort, we do not want to jeopardize the application of the PNRR, but certain nonsense, and I say it with all responsibility, certain assumptions, without any professionalism, to write you in an official document of Romania, to the European Commission, to use the expression pensions special, we can use anyone in public communication, not specialists, not me, anyone else, journalists, citizens unrelated to the pension system. (..) but not a Government that undertakes a reform until 2070 “, Marius Budai declared on Antena 3.

He confessed that he was asked by European officials about this 2017 term introduced in the PNRR, but he did not know what answer to give them.

“These things need to be improved, they need to be rectified. Each member state of the European Union must have a certain independence in deciding on the salary and pension policy.

Not that someone writes to us there and we have to stay like that until 2070, because that’s what some people who had nothing to do with the pension system wrote and who didn’t care about Romanians “, explained the Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity .

Regarding Corina Cretu’s latest statements, we recall that, recently, in an interview with Prima TV, the MEP said that she is aware of the efforts that Marius Budai is making for pensioners, but the problems can be solved in a much simpler way. .

More precisely, Corina Cretu stated that compensations from the state budget can be used. Regarding the money from PNRR, the MEP explained that changes can only be made here in exceptional situations such as a natural disaster of historical size, and Romania has been quite late anyway.

How can pensions be increased?

“I understand the efforts of the Minister of Labor and his concern about this price explosion and the way in which they are dealing with pensioners.

But I think that these things can be compensated much faster from the budget, because, as you know, the European Commission responded in a formal communication about the modification of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan that this change can only be made in exceptional situations such as be, for example, natural disasters of historical dimensions, and we are already late “, she said.

The MEP adds that although the deadline is 2026, all works must be contracted by the end of 2023, and Romania must hurry.

“The deadline is 2026, but all works must be contracted by December 2023. So basically we should focus on taking these funds and finding solutions from the state budget for retirees, because I understand that it is really very difficult for people to cope with the current prices “, said Corina Cretu, on Sunday, the First TV.

The truth about 50 euro vouchers

Regarding the 50 euro vouchers that the Government will give to vulnerable people from 1 June, the MEP claims that there is no positive opinion of the EC in relation to them.

“As far as I know, there is no positive opinion from the European Commission on these vouchers,” she added.

At the same time, Corina Cretu added that this is the most beneficial period in which “a lot of flexibility can be negotiated” in terms of accessing European funds.

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