“I came here and saw her clothes.” A 4-year-old boy drowned in an insecticide pool on a farm in Brasov


Tragedy in Brasov County! A four-year-old boy drowned yesterday afternoon at a farm in Ticuşul Nou. The child lived with his parents and a younger brother in a farmhouse and was left unattended. He entered a pond used for deworming sheep, where he drowned. We warn you that information with a strong emotional impact is coming.

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The tragedy happened shortly after noon. The parents work on the farm and live in a raised hut near the stables. Yesterday, the child was left in the mother’s care and left the house to play in the farm space. When they noticed the little boy’s disappearance, the search began.

Roan Dionisie, the child’s father: I was there, wheeled, through the village, down the valley and I didn’t find him. And I came here and saw her clothes

Mother of the child: I looked for him for an hour

Didn’t you realize there was a danger of drowning there?

Mother of the child: No. We didn’t even expect that

The child drowned in a pool of Tomoxan

The child’s body was found in a concrete pool, about one meter deep, located 30 meters from the parents’ home. During periods of deworming of sheep, the basin is filled with a solution based on Tomoxan and used for this purpose.

Ciprian Sfreja, ISU Brașov spokesman: When the medical crews arrived at the scene, the child was in cardio-respiratory arrest and the resuscitation maneuvers were immediately applied. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of doctors, the child did not respond to the maneuvers.

Alina Ivan, spokesperson for IPJ Brașov: The police are conducting investigations in order to establish exactly the causes and circumstances of the incident.

Investigators took samples from the pool water and are now awaiting the autopsy result.

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